YEIDA to appoint firm to study ways to link Delhi-Jewar airports
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To ensure smooth connectivity between the Delhi’s IGI airport and Proposed Jewar airport in Greater Noida, the YEIDA officials has finalised to appoint a company to study ways to connect the two airports.

The board has already approved a proposal requesting the National Capital Region Transport Corporation (NCRTC), a joint sector company between the Centre and the states of Delhi, Haryana, Rajasthan and UP to study the means of connectivity between the Delhi-Jewar airports.

Giving more information of the suggested project, YEIDA CEO, Arun Vir Singh said, “The authority will now invite companies in the first week of this month to participate in the process. A company will be selected within a month to put the study in place,”

He further said that the YEIDA board has given its go-ahead for appointing NCRTC or any other consultant to conduct a study and see what this link should be, whether a rapid rail, underground metro, highways, hyper-loop, pod taxi, mass transport system or something else.

Currently, driving between IGI airport and Jewar takes over two hours and that’s why a direct transport link between the two will play an important role. The projected route will be based on demand assessment, public affordability, population, transport network, regional connectivity, traffic data, the NCR planning board plan 2032 and so on.

Recently Renowned audit form PwC has projected that the proposed airport in Jewar will cater 80 million passengers once it will get operational by 2022-23. It will also boost connectivity in the whole of western Uttar Pradesh.