World Earth Day
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On April 22, people all over the world celebrate World Earth Day in honour of the environmental movement that started in the 1970s. It’s a day which is celebrated with an aim to promote harmony between Mother Nature and the Earth. But, today increasing pollution, degrading environment, depleting natural resources are becoming a grave concern not only for the human beings living on the Earth but also for our Nature.

So, it’s time for the homeowners to take responsibility and contribute for a better future after all the Earth has given us land to live and make beautiful homes. Here are 7 ways through which one can contribute to Beautifying Mother Nature:

Greener Surroundings

The first and the foremost way is to plant more and more trees, herbs, shrubs in your home, garden and surroundings. This will help in reducing the emission of greenhouse gases. Also, plants act as natural coolers that help in cooling your home in the summers along with the flow of fresh air.

Natural Lighting

Make your home well-ventilated so as to bring in a lot of natural lighting inside your house especially during day time. This will help you in saving on your electricity bill as the consumption will be low as well as prevents extra heat that produces due to the use of artificial light.

Illuminate with LED Bulbs

The best way to save electricity, as well as energy, is to install LED bulbs in your house interior as well as exterior. These days even the government is focusing more on the usage of such bulbs that saves energy as well as electricity consumption too.

Use Solar Energy

Another way to lessen electricity consumption is to use solar energy in your homes. Whether living in an independent home or in a housing society, you can install solar panels on the rooftop of the house or the society. With this, you can also save on your electricity bills. Solar panels may cost you more in the beginning, but if seen in terms of longer perspective, they are the best way to save future resources.

Save Water

Water plays a crucial role in our existence. So, it’s important for us to save water for a better future. Store water in large buckets to do daily chores work; and install rainwater harvesting units in housing societies to increase the ground water level. This is fruit way to conserve water.

Go Smart

It’s time for all the homeowners to take smart steps and install smart appliances in their home. These days’ markets are full of electrical appliances that have built-in stabilizers and not only help in energy consumption but also cut electricity bill to 50%. Buy 5-star rating products; install automated home appliances, smart meters and thermostats, etc.