Wooden flooring
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A wooden material, when used in home interiors, gives a feeling of love for our mother nature. They play an important role which makes a great impact in making a house look more homey and liveable!

These days wooden flooring is the hottest trend as they bring your home décor closer to nature. Hardwood flooring is beautiful and more durable. Wooden flooring is also a great option in places with high moisture, such as a bathroom. Even though they cost a little higher in price but when added to your home décor they give a refreshing finish to your interiors. So here are few designer wooden flooring ideas which you can easily apply in your home:

Painted Hardwood wooden flooring:

Painted hardwood floors are an innovative way to add punch and dimension to any room in a house. They come pre-painted and designed in a unique manner. More than just incorporating colour and lifting a room’s mood, a painted floor can also help solve design problems.

Painted Harwood wooden flooring
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Geometric hardwood wooden flooring:

Such designs remain timeless for decades and are always refreshing.  Geometric wooden flooring blends well with the unique design, and when wood combines with geometric patterns, they give an eclectic look that is indisputably modern and refreshingly simple.

Geometric hardwood wooden
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Honeycomb hardwood wooden flooring:

Wooden flooring when arranged in honeycomb manner give a dramatic effect to your floors. They give a cool and aesthetic look to any floor of your home. Oversized honeycomb-pattern floors are the perfect touch to a large, spacious room.

Honeycomb hardwood wooden flooring
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Parquet hardwood wooden flooring:

Parquet flooring is an attractive union of human artistry and natural hardwood beauty. Formed from tiny slats of wood, the individual pieces in the floor are arranged in repeating patterns, which stretch out to create more and more complex arrangements as they are laid. It gives a visual interest, rich in the contrasting patterns found in each individual piece.

Parquet hardwood wooden
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Herringbone hardwood wooden flooring:

This attractive pattern looks stunning everywhere whether you place them in your bathrooms, kitchens, bedrooms or entryways. They come in various designs ranging from a long string of arrows to staggered planks. They add a dramatic focal point to room décor.

Herringbone hardwood wooden flooring
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Deck Wood hardwood wooden flooring:

Perfect for outdoor flooring, a deck wood design will perfectly balance the journey from the indoors to the outdoors. The plank flooring tiles look rich and are also durable enough to bear the design elements.

Deck Wood hardwood wooden flooring
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