Women Borrowers
Img : homeonline

Today women are outpacing men in every field be it science, technology or real estate. All this is due to various policies and schemes launched for women that have not only made them more empowered but also added to their decision making power. So, when it comes to property purchase the ratio of first-time women home Buyers taking loans is more than Men.

According to recent data by a leading investment firm, it has been revealed that more woman home buyer has applied for home loans last year. It also stated that the average home loan ticket size for females was Rs 27.57 lakhs, as compared to Rs 22.97 lakhs male borrowers in 2018.

Experts suggest that this surge is due to the fact that there are various benefits offered to women homebuyers by banks as against men. Also, additional benefits that women enjoy as a co-borrower calling more men to take a loan on their wives name.

Moreover, the government also offers benefits on stamp duty to women homebuyers. For instance, in Jharkhand the stamp duty charges for woman is just Rs 1, on the other hand in Delhi, Rajasthan, and Punjab it is 4 %. In Haryana, for urban woman, it is 6%, while for rural woman it is 4% as compared to 6 and 8% offered to male home buyers.

Also, with women becoming stronger in their respective fields, the number of women home loan borrowers is increasing in India. Other benefits like lower interest rates and tax deduction are also attracting more female home buyers to take a home loan to become independent property buyers, believes expert.