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Wind Chime Home Decor Vastu

Home Decor as per Vastu: Wind Chime Vastu plays an essential role to usher prosperity in your home. Wind Chime a set of suspended tubes, rods, bells or other attractive objects that are often made of metal or wood. The gentle tickling sound that emanates every time the air crosses by hanging wind chimes uplifts the whole mood. But, people sometimes get tangled in it which makes them feel like changing the position of this home décor item.

According to Vastu Shastra, the sweeter the sound of wind chime, the faster it attracts positive energy and brings good luck. But, like other antiques, the wind chimes for home must have some appropriate placement. They are a great source of good and positive vibes in the offices and homes but the question is where to hang wind chimes?

Wind chimes have a great significance in Vastu Shastra, not only the gentle tickling sound but the hanging bells vastu is very important to bring harmony in life. Here are some ideas which will help you in the appropriate placement of them:

Wind Chime Vastu Tips For Home

1. Wind Chime at Entry Door :

Many people hang wind chimes in the entrance lobby or the gate which look appealing as the sweet sound of this article offers pleasing music to the ears. But, the entry gate is the place that paves the way to get inside a home. So, it is important to place wind chimes for home at the main entry door and the area in front of the house and door should be uncluttered. You can also consider, placing a welcome mat outside the door and healthy plants on either side of the door.

2. Ceramic Wind Chimes in Living Room –

Ceramic wind chimes can be used as an antique piece or a real showpiece for your house. You can hang wind chimes for home in South, Centre and North-east direction of the room. Usually, these directions have windows or doors which bring in the fresh air. The hanging wind chimes in these directions attract positive energy and maintain harmony at your place.

wind chime vastu

3. Metal Chimes in North or West Direction – 

Make your living area look more appealing by hanging beautiful wind chimes for home. To usher prosperity, place the metal chimes in the north or west direction. When hung in the west, they attract good luck in the lives of children and help them in bringing honor to the family. These hanging wind chimes will enhance the beauty of your place and bring harmony to your life.

wind chime vastu

4. Wooden Chimes in East or South Direction –

Wooden wind chimes look very appealing and best suited in the east, south-east and south direction. Vastu Shastra states that the East direction brings in growth, the south direction brings fame and the southeast direction brings money to the residents. Therefore, you must hang wind chimes in any of these directions in a stylish manner to make your place look more attractive.

wind chime vastu

5. Eight or Six Hollow Rod for Good luck – 

According to Vastu Shastra, the best way to bring happiness by wind chime Vastu is to hang wind chime with six or eight hollow rods. To enhance good energies, choose an appealing metal wind chime with eight or six hollow rods which is the best set.

wind chime vastu

In a nutshell, these hanging wind chimes offer more than just pleasant music. To bring more happiness and suppress bad-luck, wind chime Vastu is very important. Once you have chosen your wind chimes and decided where you’d like to place them according to the Vastu shastra, it’s time to hang them! To make it look more beautiful, add some ribbons or string fairy lights and make to hang them far enough from any walls so that they have space to move freely.

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