Elephant Décor in Home and Office
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Elephants have a great significance in Hindu culture as well as in Feng Shui. They represent both Lord Ganesha and Lord Buddha.

There are various animals which carry different meaning and places in our lives. The elephant is perhaps the strongest animal which you must symbolize in your home. It can have very positive impact on your lives.

It is not sufficient to keep some statues or paintings of elephants in your home. There are some specific ways through which you can make sure that it goes the way you wanted.

Here is the list of those points which elaborate how you should use animals as part of your home décor and bring in positive energies.

  • Elephants are seen as mighty protectors. You can place some pieces of art with elephant’s right at the entrance of you home. This could protect your home from evils and negative energies. You must have noticed large stone carvings of elephants in ancient forts and monuments. It wasn’t just for the sake of décor, but for the sense of safety and security.
  • At the same time, you can place some artwork facing your house inwards. This is believed to bring in and retain positive energies within your home.
  • It is also recommended to keep some small piece of elephant statue on your office desk. This can help you in taking strong decisions in the interests of your business or professional life. The elephants are a symbol of power and wisdom. They never misuse their powers and remain calm. They have several such qualities which you must imbibe to become successful in your career. This is why it is always good to have something that represents elephant in your office.
  • If you get some cushion covers with elephants printed on them, it could help maintain harmony in your married and family life.
  • Similarly, you can keep a statue of mother and baby elephant to enhance the bond between the mother and children in the home.
  • By and large, you can place the representation of elephants at various places in your home. It never hurts anyway. All it does is that you get positivity in your home.
  • At many places, you would notice elephant statues holding lamps or something like that. It represents balance in life. It could be a crystal ball or anything that represents elephants holding something.

All of the above-mentioned points are DIY. If you visit a Feng Shui or Vastu store in the vicinity, you can get several artworks for your home as well as office.

Many times, people get carried away with the style of elephant showpieces and bring them in their offices and homes.  But not many people know that they are taking a good move unknowingly.

After the above points, you would know why exactly you need to have representation of elephants in your lives.