which ac is best for home

With the onset of summers, most people must look out for the right energy-efficient air conditioner (AC) for their home. Considering the number of brands, features, star rating, and a plethora of other options available in the market, it often gets difficult to pick the right ac. So, are you also one of them who’s thinking which AC is best for home? If you nodded your head in agreement, then fret not; in this article, we will help you narrow your search and find the best ac for home.

Let’s start with some learning about the different types of air conditioners available in the market.

Which AC Is Best For Home?

There are several types of air conditioners available in the market, each designed to suit the different space and requirement; however, if you’re looking for which ac is best for home, then the following are the most popular types of ACs for home:

Split AC

which ac is best for home
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While deciding which ac is best for home, people often prefer going for a split ac as they are quieter and aesthetically more appealing. It is usually the first choice if you ask someone which ac is best for home, as it evenly distributes the cool air and is capable of cooling large spaces and big rooms. And as the name suggests, a split ac comprises of two units.

Window AC

which ac is best for home
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When it comes to cooling efficiency, the window ac for home are at par compared with the other ACs. If you are looking for an ac to cool a small area or a single room, then a window ac is the most suitable one as they’re known as champions of cooling small area and it is one of the most used types of air conditioners in homes. A window ac is installed in a window or by creating a hole in the wall as its name suggests. A window ac is typically less costly and easy to install and maintain.

Portable AC

which ac is best for home
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Now comes another type of ac in the list of which ac is best for home and, i.e., portable air conditioners that are somewhat similar to window ac. Like a window ac, a portable ac is also a single unit with all its components fitted inside. However, one thing that differentiates it from a window ac is that it is a free-standing ac, and it can be moved from room to room.

This ac is preferred wherever it is not possible to install a split or window ac. We mentioned this ac in our blog where we are talking about which ac is best for home because people opt for this ac if they want temporary space cooling. It is super convenient and simple to set up, making it the best ac for home, especially for spot cooling.

Central AC

which ac is best for home
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For those who have big homes and wish to cool multiple rooms at once, central AC for home is the best choice. The central ac uses a split system that regulates air through duct ac for home. The best part of having a central ac for home is that the cool air is circulated in all rooms, reducing the humidity and making the environment cool and nice.  

How to determine AC Capacity For Room Size & Power Consumption

which ac is best for home

Determining the AC capacity for room size could be a little difficult, and people often fall for this. In this case, tonnage plays a significant role. A lower capacity AC may cost a little less, but it will consume more electricity and decrease the life span of the ac. It is imperative to buy the right ac capacity for room size because if you buy an ac with a higher than required capacity, you will pay a big amount for the purchase, besides a huge electricity bill. For instance, a cooling capacity of 1-ton ac or 1.5-ton ac is ideal for 150 – 160 sq. ft room space.

So, make sure you get the right tonnage in order to get the most bang for your buck.

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How To Calculate Ac Capacity For A Room

which ac is best for home
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Now that you know which ac is the best for room and how important it is to get the right ac capacity for room size, it’s time to look at the ac capacity calculator. The first step towards calculating the ac capacity is to find out the area of your room and then divide it by 600 to get its basic capacity.

For example, if your room is, let’s say, 100 sq. ft, then the basic AC capacity required would be 0.167 tons. The next step is to add 0.5 tons to the basic capacity for five people in the room. An AC of around 0.8-ton capacity would be sufficient for a 100 sq. ft room.

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AC capacity calculator for room size:

Room SizeAC Capacity (in tons)
Upto 100 sq. ft.0.8 ton
Upto 150 sq. ft.1.0 ton
Upto 250 sq. ft.1.5 ton
Upto 400 sq. ft.2.0 ton

It’s imperative to choose the right AC with the right capacity to get amazing cooling at a reasonable cost.

So the next time you head out to buy a new ac, then you don’t have to keep wondering which ac is best for room; just keep these points in mind and make a smart purchase and buy the best energy-efficient air conditioner.