Installing A New AC? Here’s A Complete Guide On Where To Install AC In Room

Where To Install AC In Room

With the weather getting warmer, the Indian markets will now be flooded with a plethora of air conditioners based on different capacities, sizes, ac type, and customer’s demands and requirements. During summers, the most important thing is choosing the right ac according to your room size, which could be a daunting task. However, the work doesn’t get over there; after picking the right ac for room, the next essential step is to decide where to install ac in room

Deciding which wall is right for ac fitting in room or how to place the indoor unit in different layouts can be tricky. So, if you have been stressing out about where to install ac in room, then fret not. RealtyMonks brings you all the answers regarding the ac fitting in room and the correct direction to install ac in room.  

Where To Install AC In Room ?

Let’s get started and learn more about the important factors to consider when choosing a location for an air conditioner placement:

Best Place To Install Split Ac In Bedroom

Where To Install AC In Room
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If you’ve decided on the type of ac for your bedroom, it’s time to decide where to install ac in room. The best place to install a split ac in the bedroom is either the left or right side of the bed rather than placing it directly above the bedhead or on the opposite wall facing the bed. 

This placement is recommended to prevent the cool air from being put directly onto your face while you’re trying to get a peaceful sleep; this could result in a dry throat or cold in the morning. This is one of the general rules for placing an air conditioner in room; however, it is much more important when you’re deciding the best place to install split ac in bedroom

Best Position For Air Conditioner In Living Rooms

Where To Install AC In Room

Choosing the best position for air conditioner in living rooms is as important as it is for any other room. The simple AC placement is to fitted AC unit where the air can flow freely, especially when installing a window ac. In simple words, do not install an wall AC behind any piece of furniture; if you do so, then you might end up burning your ac unit quickly. 

In the case of a split wall AC for living room, you will need to mount your AC where there is an outlet of a power source and do not run any extension cords to your AC. And as we all know, a split AC needs a concrete slab or a wall to be installed; you need to ensure that the slab or wall won’t vibrate. Also, try to avoid AC fitting in room too close to a source of dust or air-borne; otherwise, you will have to clean the filter now and then. 

Where to install Split Ac In Room

Where To Install AC In Room
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While doing AC fitting in room, the first and foremost thing is to ensure that the AC is not installed directly above any electrical fittings. If the unit ever has any leakage, installing your AC there could lead to a nasty hazard. An indoor AC should be installed high up on the wall and in a central location to distribute the cool air equally in the room. 

Another important aspect to keep in mind while install ac in house is the appropriate installation height from the ground, which should ideally be 7-8 ft above the ground for adequate cooling.

Ideal Distance between Indoor And Outdoor Unit

Where To Install AC In Room
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Where to install ac in room just place AC in the right place and ensuring a correct distance between the indoor and outdoor unit plays a significant role in cooling the room. When kept at a very low temperature, the coolant starts flowing inside the copper tubes between indoor and outdoor units of split ac which causes a significant loss of cooling effect to the atmosphere. Hence, to further avoid it, it is always recommended to keep a minimum distance between the indoor and outdoor unit

Where To Install Window Ac In Room

Where To Install AC In Room
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Best window ac fitting ideas  is to place your window ac on the largest wall of the room exposed to the external atmosphere, the reason being, will provide a balanced distribution of the chilled air inside the room. 

Height – It is ideal to do AC fitting in room at the height of about 75 cm to 120 cm from the floor. Installing your ac at the recommended height will ensure a flow of chilled air, and you can enjoy the maximum cooling effect within the room.

Should The Fan Be On When The Ac Is On?

Where To Install AC In Room

Are you worried about the high electricity bills that you mostly get in summers? If yes, then a fan could be your biggest savior. Yes, you heard it right! While there’s a common belief that ceiling fans push the hot air down and it should not be used along with air conditioners, which is not wrong, it can also help you save a few bucks if a fan is running along with the ac. 

With a fan running, you can raise the thermostat of the AC by 2-4 degrees. By switching on the fan, there would be no reduction in the comfort, and at the same time, if you increase the temperature of the ac, you can directly save on your electricity bills.  

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Is It Safe To Use AC In The Kitchen?

It is generally not recommended to install any ac in the kitchen because an ac in kitchen will absorb the cooking oil and block grease on the radiator. It will also consume more energy, which means it will take more time to cook. However, if you really need ac in kitchen, then you can install a window ac, which ensures that fresh oxygen from outside gets in quickly. 

Also, make sure you keep the chimney on while the ac is on, and the cooking area where your stoves are placed should be enclosed with a glass cabinet with sliding openers to avoid the cool air of the ac coming directly on the gas stove. 

Now that you have all the details handy on where to install ac in room, it’s time to install ac in house and sit back, relax, and welcome summer. Just keep these points in mind and install the ac at the right place.