property mutation
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The West Bengal chief minister Mamata Banerjee said that the State Government has sanctioned the proposal to introduce an online system to make the property mutation procedure easy as this will also help them to trace the ongoing unlawful practices.

CM Banerjee also said that this decision will provide huge relief to the people complaining about the harassment they face by the block land reform officers who are also known as the BLRO. The Chief Minister was quoted saying, People often face difficulties when they approach the BLRO. Some say they were asked to pay bribe. We have initiated actions against such people, but it takes time.

She also said that this is a revolutionary decision taken by the council of state cabinet for granting of property mutation online. All this information was given by her at the State Secretariat.

The detail of transferring property title is updated in the revenue books of the authority once the process of buying and selling a property takes place. The mutation process is carried out by the Block Land & Land Reform Office and in the recently held district administrative meetings many people have raised the problem faced by them in the registration process.

CM Banerjee said that nearly 12 lakh cases of property mutation take place every year and the introduction an online system will ease the process of doing so for both the people and for the administration.  She also said that we have already made title transfer mutation and tax free for the farmers.