Studio BStudio B was started by Balbir in 1998 and Jaya joined him in this endeavor in 2004. Being from NIFT and NID respectively, both bring balance to the two schools of thought of functional and aesthetic design like ying yang. Inspired by travel, photography, craft and culture of the world they dreamt and built Studio B.

Q: What is Studio B all about and how does it work?­­­­­

Studio B provides consultancy and develops visionary concepts into design. We design across a whole spectrum of graphics & interactive media, photography, textile, interior and exhibitions. We have grown as a multidisciplinary team of designers and developers. 

Studio B

A design process that epitomizes fusion of creative inspiration, research and user study is applied to understand the clients’ needs and offer them unique and customized solutions. 

Q: How different it is to work on International and National projects?  

Any project depends on who are the final users or the final audience. All places in the world have different cultures and lifestyles and therefore different interaction with design. The same principles apply to Indian and International projects.

National projects

For example, in the case of a Project for a Museum Shop at the Indira Gandhi Museum we tried to understand the visitors of the shop, their taste and their interaction in the space. These visitors were not only from Delhi but all across India. So the products, display systems and layouts are made as per the affordability, Indian design preference, past experience, interest and exposure of the visitors. 

A business lounge at the World Economic Forum in Davos entertaining international dignitaries in Switzerland was remarkably different in its design language. Even though the design content was based on Indian Heritage the presentation was very different. It was much more minimal in terms of elements and colors and yet more communicative.

Q: Tell us about the traditional techniques you imbibe in your designs at Studio B in order to offer fusion-based designs?

India has a beautiful heritage in art and architecture that is visible in varying techniques from the Phad paintings of Nathdwara temple to Kalamkari textiles, from Miniature Paintings of Mughal Court to the Nanak Shahi brickwork, from Aipan to Madhubani wall paintings and many more. We have been very inspired by these traditional techniques and have used them in our Projects. However, the application of these techniques is more relevant and stylized.

Traditional Techniques

One such recent project which epitomizes this approach in design is the office space of Leo Burnett, Gurugram. This space is inspired by the grandeur of Haveli Architecture by celebrating the use of Indian traditional brickwork, vintage cement flooring and exposed raw woodwork. Based in basophilic design, this space achieves the beautiful flow of chi (energy) by play of Natural light and bringing the outside inside.

Q: Do you also try to incorporate the Indian traditional designs in any of the foreign projects? If yes then kindly mention about the same.

We have used Indian traditional design in many India Branding projects internationally. India is known for its unique heritage art and design aesthetic. This strong identity helps to build Indian branding internationally, especially in the area of Exhibition and Graphic design. This rich heritage style sets it apart from any other country. It is extremely effective in the context of India Pavilion in an International Show or an India Show in another country. We have designed and executed many such shows in Europe, Canada, Africa, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Japan, Indonesia, etc.

Foreign Projects

Q: Does Studio B opt for pre-designed fabrics or you prefer own design creations in the home textile design process?

We are known of our strength as it lies in customized woven and prints. We design textile collections for various retail, export houses and interior design projects too. While for textile design projects all designs are completely customized, for interior design projects the textiles are outsourced too.

Pre designed fabrics