Bamboo Home Decor Item
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Assam is a land of forest and hills and that’s why majority of people living here use organic items in their day to day lives. Talking about home décor items, a majority of the items used by the Assamese people are made of bamboo and cane which are itself organic in nature.

One of the major states of North-east, Assam’s economy and lifestyle is mainly dependent of cane and Bamboo handicrafts and products. People from all part of the world visit Assam to buy bamboo and cane products to add organic home décor to their houses.  Right from furniture like sofa sets, beds, table etc, roof tiles to common household, articles like baskets, beer mugs and sieves, a large number of items are made out of them.

Assam being rich in bamboo and cane production has a large variety of beautiful products. The hill and the plain people, each have their own styles & designs. However it is one of the most comprehensive art which is practiced here in Assam. One can find both full time and part time artisans, craftsman who work in their homes or state related organisations. These products are mostly available in their natural colour and thus give a trendy look to your home. Handcrafted, lightweight, durable bamboo home wares and modern home living gadgets are the eco-friendly way to complement modern homes. These products are in great demand in global markets too.

The manufacture of cane furniture, however, calls for a high degree of skill on the part of the workers. Such skill is found to be traditional. In the manufacture of cane furniture, Cachar district enjoys a special advantage over the other districts of the State as far as skilled artisans are concerned. The craft has commercial production in almost all the important urban areas of the State. Kuriha Cluster in Assam’s Barpeta district is popular for Bamboo products.

Bamboo and cane furniture

Bamboo Home Decor Furniture
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The manufacture of furniture starts with the preparation of requisite amount of bamboo slips. Canes of various diameters are also reduced into slips of various sizes according to adaptability. The artisans then prepare a rough structure of the furniture by joining the different bamboo parts with the help of nails. In case of round-cane furniture, thin iron rods are used to get the round cane bend to the required shape. The actual weaving or coiling of the structure so made is done with fine slips of flexible cane. The more skillful an artisan is the finer slips of cane he can use in coiling and plaiting.

To meet the growing demand of the consumers, these days Government organisations are manufacturing various types of cane furniture and other articles, like boxes, , cradles, office trays, bottle carriers, tiffin baskets, bicycle baskets, waste paper baskets, etc. The cost of such products is higher than other common bamboo products but still people love to buy them from Assam.

So if you want to give your home a perfect eco-friendly look, plan a visit to Assam and buy these unique and beautiful organic home décor products.