See The World's Most Beautiful Restaurant Bathrooms
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A home is incomplete without a bathroom and thus it important to build and style this particular arena. Although, many people feel that installing expensive fixtures is sufficient to make the bathing space look beautiful. But, unfortunately, this is a misconception. Remember, that the accurate placement of a bathroom leaves a positive impact on the family members.

Like always Vastu Shastra plays a pivotal role in bringing goodness home via a bathroom.  So, keep these Vastu tips in mind while setting up a bathroom:

Bathroom Construction – The North and West directions are believed to bring in the freshness. Thus, dedicate the North or Northwest direction to this wet arena and let the positive vibes inside a home.

Bathroom Construction
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Bathroom Setup – The South, Southwest and Southeast direction are not appreciated by the Vastu Shastra methodology for setting up of a bathroom as these directions allow the flow of bad energies that can make your family members ill.

Bathroom Setup
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Mirror Placement – According to Vastu Shastra, the mirror in a bathing space must be hanged either on the wall facing the North or the East direction.

Mirror Placement
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Fixtures Placement – The electric water heater alias geyser is best to install on walls facing the Southeast direction.

Fixtures Placement
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Lighting – Every bathing space must have a lighter shade of lights and a door facing towards North or East direction.

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Consider these five points and maintain the flow of good energies at your place.