Things to Consider While Designing Balcony
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The balcony is that open area of your home which offers huge a dedicated space for leisure sitting. Also, you can turn this area into a garden or a storage space according to your requirement.

But, be cautious about the direction of your balcony as the Vastu Shastra-dosh of this arena can turn your life upside down and can also have long-term ill effects in your life.

So, keep the following given Vastu Shastra tips in mind while designing a balcony.

  1. Design Balcony in the North and Eastern Direction of your Home
  2. Avoid designing a balcony in South and West direction of your home as these two directions bring in huge negativity inside the place.
  3. Cover the space with a chic or a wall in case you have a balcony facing in South, West or the South-West Direction.
  4. Make sure to have a lower roof of your balcony in comparison to the height of the roof home or the main home structure.
  5. Tin-based Roofing is perfect for the Balcony as it bans the entry of bad vibes inside the home and reflects it towards opposite direction.
  6. The balcony should not have arch-shape such as round or a curve one.
  7. Plant small shrubs or the indoor plants in the balcony. In case of using the balcony as a shoe-placing space then make sure you have the shoe rack placed in the North-Eastern direction.
  8. Roofing slope must not have a slanting-shape towards South, West and South-West Direction.
  9. You must place light-weighted furniture in the balcony which allows the flow of sunlight inside the home.
  10. Install a swing in the East or the West direction to have the constant flow of energy at home.

Keep these ten-points in mind while designing the balcony as the Vastu Shastra tips help in bringing positivity, good fortune and wealth into your life.