South-Facing Homes
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Stepped into the new home but suddenly the family members are facing bad health, weaken financial condition and restlessness? Then, be cautious as these are the signs of Vastu-dosh as some things are not appropriately placed in the home and thus you must take some corrective measures to ensure the positive flow of peace and harmony inside the living castle. So, after going through the Vastu tips for West, North and East directions now it’s time to know about bringing health, wealth and prosperity in the South-facing homes with the help of Vastu Shastra. Here are the things you must take care of while owning a home in this particular direction:


  1. The South-facing home must have an open area, balcony or a garden facing towards the North or East direction.
  2. Raise a heightened-boundary in the Southern and Western direction of the home.
  3. Have an elevated floor in the South-West direction.
  4. Make sure the roof slope is towards the North or East direction of the home which is about to be constructed.
  5. Place pyramids in different directions of the home as per the metal that suits you.
  6. Increase the positive vibes inside a home particularly of the Water element by having an underground Water tank in the North-East direction.
  7. The South-facing home should have a rectangular or a square-shaped layout.
  8. Structure the main entry door in the positive zone of the South direction as it helps in achieving success both personally as well as professionally.


  • Avoid having an underground or a Septic tank in the Southern direction
  • Never design a kitchen in the South direction
  • Avoid having roof slope towards the South West Direction in a South-facing home
  • Avoid having a T-point in the Southern direction of your home
  • Also, don’t have an extended corner in the South direction particularly in the South-facing home

Remedies for Vastu-Dosh in South Facing Home:

  • The entry gate in the south direction can turn the home in a blissful place if you install a dakshin mukhay yantra with bhaum yantra above the door. Also, you can place the Bahubali Hanuman yantra if you own a villa facing towards the South direction.
  • The use of use vastu pyramid strips around the tank will minimize the vastu-dosh uprooted due to the installing of an underground water tank in the South direction.
  • The installation of red jasper pyramid and vastu shift arrows in the kitchen structured in south direction is best to heal illness.

Install a metal helix with lead spiral blocks in south zone to fix the wrong slope direction.