Three Golden Candles as Vastu TipThe people ruled by scorpion sun sign have a mystical life and forgiving someone is a real tough task for them. However, they love their family a lot and are career-oriented people. In fact, the scorpions prefer to spend time alone but don’t mind attending a party or socializing occasionally. The mood swings and the non-forgivable approach of the Scorpions are likely to create an imbalance in life. So, scroll down the blog post and read more about them.

  Tips to Restore Energy Imbalance at Home

  • Accept the fact that Karma plays an important role in human life.
  • Remember that every action has an equal and opposite reaction.
  • Reassess your beliefs and find how they impact your life both positively as well as negatively.
  • Always remember that time does reflect in life and thus think before you speak and act.
  • Must have a divine corner at home where you can sit and chant prayer during a particular time of the day.
  • Face towards north-west during the prayer time.

Home Décor Items to Bring Positivity Home:

Mystic Star is the very first home décor item to be placed in a home of a scorpion. This star symbolizes prophecy and blessings and also acts as an inspiration to touch new heights in life.

Kabbalah is a map to enroute wisdom especially for those who wish to reveal mysteries of life.

Alchemist’s rose indicates heart and purifies the soul from all evil and negative thoughts. This home décor item makes a person more positive and soulful.

Will and Testament – This is an essential legal document and not a home décor. But, a person ruled by Scorpio must keep this at home as it indicates passing of legacy to the next generation and also makes you feel responsible as an inheritor.

Home Décor Items to Restrict Negativity at Home:

Candles – the illumination of candles is the best way to restrict the entry of negative vibes inside a home. But, be careful and only use:

  • Purple –colored candle to achieve the desired result or to realize the dream.
  • White-coloured candle to offer protection and comfort to mind and soul.
  • Golden-coloured candle generates your interest in life and allows you to gain more understanding.
  • Silver-coloured candle inspires you to learn and change.
  • Sandalwood aroma is best suitable for the people ruled by Scorpion sun sign while the lavender fragrance allows you to stay neutral.
  • Tall indoor plants maintain the vertical flow of energy.
  • Big and bright-coloured flowers bring vibrancy and positivity home.