Sagittarius Sun Sign
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Those born between November 23 and December 20 are ruled by Sagittarius sun sign. You people love to explore the world around and want to have a sense of deep knowledge. This attitude remains unchanged when it comes to home décor. Thus, you love to make home a sacred place. So, here are the home décor tips for people ruled by Sagittarius sun sign.

Complete Home Décor Idea:

Being a sports-lover and an adventurous person you like to have selective articles at home. So, decorate the abode with an amazing bookshelf that comprises of books from different genres. Also, the hanging of sports accessories in the room is also a nice way to elevate the home décor. Being a thoughtful person you can also enhance the positivity of vastu by placing natural and organic artifacts like plants, waterfall and more.

Colour Palatte for Sagittarius:

Hues for Empowerment – Decorate home with shades of blue. You are suggested to add light and dark blue colours to home as they boost your honest attitude towards life and also help in maintaining the generous nature.

Colours for Empowering Earning – The black and indigo colours are best suitable for home décor as they add magical powers to earning ability. You are suggested to place some useable items in these colours both at the workstation and that home’s study room.

Colour for Harmony – You people are ruled by Sagittarius sun sign that has Jupiter as its ruling planet. In fact, the nature of Jupiter reflects in your behavior and you love to have people around. So, decorate home with a blissful yellow colour especially during the festive time. This colour decodes a person’s feeling and thus you can knit a strong group of family and friends.

You are also suggested to add a splash of orange colour in between as it maintains the flow of energy and keeps your spirits high.

Fragrance Tips for Sagittarius:

You are quite impulsive apart from being creative and a dynamic person. This is so because of the ruling element that is FIRE. So, follow some fragrance-based rituals in daily life as it will help you stay calm instead of being short-tempered.

You are suggested to light incense stick, aroma oil, candles and other such stuff as the calming fragrance of these items help in keeping a person calm and cool even during the tough times. So, practice this regularly and live a peaceful life.

This will also minimize the effect of FIRE element in life.

Furniture Tips for Sagittarius:

Being a creative person you like to have DIY-styled home décor. So, get the self-designed furniture crafted as it will bring in huge positivity and warmness. Also, this helps you stay grounded.

Lighting for Sagittarius Home Owners:

Don’t let the darkness rule you and thus keep the room enlightened with mirror. Today, you can shop from a multiple range of mirror décor as they offer a dazzling effect all the time. Remember not to place mirrors exactly opposite to each other. Although placing of crystal balls is good as they produce rainbow colours when the direct sunlight falls on them.


Keep home clutter-free as the clumsy space break the flow of positive energy. Also, keep the plants clear as the moisture in green creates an atmosphere for breading of mosquitoes and other flies.