Vastu Tips for Office
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Why Vastu Tips For Office Are Important?

According to Vastu Shastra, all the things present in the universe have a level of energy. The entire universe is made up of both positive and negative energies. Suppose one follows the Vastu tips for office. In that case, one can bring positive energy into the office because it helps in eliminating the negative energies present around. So, whether it is vastu for office boss cabin, vastu for office seating or office direction as per vastu, you must know what to do and how. 

So, keep in mind the Vastu tips for office like Vastu for office cabin, seating, décor and decide the office direction as per Vastu to make your office Vastu friendly and bring success and prosperity your office. It is the science that deals with architecture and construction. It balances the five elements: water, fire, earth, space, and air. If you are looking for Vastu tips for Office cabin, then look at these tips that helps you to create your office by following all the Vastu rules to get the advantage of it. 

Office Direction As Per Vastu 

You should go with the Shermukhi plots when you are looking to purchase a piece of land for office. Shermukhi Plots are broader from the front and narrow at the back of them. It is believed that such plots bring more prosperity to your office. Apart from this, you should also try to purchase land close to the highest operational roads. 

When choosing the office direction as per Vastu, you should go with the north direction. The office building should face north, northeast, or northwest direction. Because it has been believed that these directions tend to bring more success and prosperity to an office. Also, according to the Vastu for office décor, there should not be any obstacle present at the office’s main entrance. You should create the interior design while following this main rule of Vastu Shastra. 

As per Vastu, the welcome rooms of an office house should be in the east direction. Also, it is recommended you keep the central part of the office empty. 

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Vastu For Cabin Of The Boss

The office boss cabin should be in the southwest direction. As per Vastu for office seating, the boss should sit facing the north direction. Temple should not be placed behind the boss’s chair, it should always be in front. There should not be any glass structure behind the seat. A concrete wall is just a great option. A rectangular shape of the chair is perfect, according to Vastu for office boss cabin

Vastu For Office Seating 

All the employees working for the office should face the north or east direction. It will enhance the productivity of the employee and brings positivity to the office. Apart from this, the seating arrangement for the boss should be in the north direction. The office seating is also important according to vastu for office boss cabin. 

Vastu For Office Decor 

Keep the northwest space free for activities and it is recommended you do not build any toilet in the northwest direction. It will help have good financial support. Apart from this, according to Vastu for office decor, white horses should be placed in the northwest zone. This gives financial support to your office. 

According to Vastu for office decor, you should place an aquarium with nine goldfish and one blackfish in the northeast direction for business growth. If you also place the décor of the office according to the Vastu, then it will bring highly financial support and success to your business. 

All the departments regarding accounts and finances should be in the north and east zone. At the same time, the Vastu for office seating says that all the employees dealing with the finances should sit facing the east and north direction. 

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Other Tips As Per Vastu For Office Room 

You should place all the electrical equipment in the southeast direction as per the vastu for office room. Apart from this, there should not be any glass holdings present behind the chair of the boss. The table present in front of the office chair should be rectangular. 

Just follow all these tips for vastu for office room to attract huge success, development, and prosperity to your office in less time.