Vastu Tips for Libra Sun Sign
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The people with Libra as a sun sign have a balanced nature. Thus, they are big at heart and forgive people inspite of being hurt. On a whole, kind-heartedness is in their nature and thus they are creative and enjoy life to the fullest. So, the homeowners born between September 23 and October 22 are known to be soft and thus the home décor of their abode reflects their peaceful nature. Here we are listing vastu tips for homeowners having Libra as their sun sign:

Home Style for Libra Property Owners:

People born between September 23 and October 22 wish to live in a spacious and fresh environment and thus you must have proper ventilation system and windows at home in order to experience the nature at its best. Also, the picture windows regulate the flow of fresh air inside a home also called as Vastu in Sanskrit. People ruled by the Libra sun sign must decorate their home with vases, paintings, lamps and mirrors as they offer a chic look and those having a zest for painting and craft can also design home décor items for their abode.

Colour Palatte for Libra Property Owners:

The use of neutral shades is the best thing one can do to enhance positivity at home. Also, the addition of pastel shades helps you balance life while fixing everyday routine. Also, the induction of blue and jade green will strengthen you both professionally and on the personal front so adding these bright and energetic colours in a home owned by a Libra person is a smart move.

You can also add red, scarlet and carmine colours to the home as these colours ensure full bloom for romance and togetherness. So, decorate your place with candles, flowers, frames, and torans especially during the festival time as it will bring good health, wealth and prosperity home.

A person can enhance his/her earning power by adding colour shades like burgundy, red-violet and violet as these colour tones indicate energy and happiness. You can decorate the workplace with these colours as it is all about experiencing a blissful life.

Furniture for Libra Property Owners:

People with Libra as per their zodiac are fun-loving and thus they like modernly designed furniture. So, remove all the heavy wooden articles from your home and install stylish modern furniture in its place as these sleek wooden maintain the flow of positivity at home. People with Libra as their sun sign love to socialize and thus keeping coffee table and couch at home is a smart vastu tip for the homeowners. In fact, the proper placing of furniture gives you the confidence to welcome guests and also offers you a chance to flaunt home décor taste.

Fabric for Libra Property Owners:

You people love to play with colours and fabrics are the best way to add soulful shades to a home. So, shop for some fabric-covered sofas and chairs, window curtains in harmonizing colours and designs and offer a smart look to your home.

Fragrance for Libra Property Owners:

Smell the beautiful fragrance of nag champa, jasmine, vanilla, violet and rose as these create a wonderful living atmosphere.