Vastu tips Leo Sun Sign
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The people born between July 23 and August 22 are ruled by Leo, sun sign that depicts Lion – the King of the jungle aka forest. The people ruled by this zodiac are warm-hearted and are creative at large. Also, these people love being adventurous and are always keen to explore the wild side of life while living a luxurious life. Being ruled by an animal denoted sun sign the people born between July 23rd and August 22nd own independent home and also have a couple of pets around them. In order to find peace, the people ruled by LEO love to decorate and revamp their living castle. So, here are the Vastu tips for LEO sun sign in order to make your home a beautiful living paradise.

  1. Overall Home Décor

Being an aggressive sun sign, bright colours, comfort, opulence and style are the major things you people look for. So, revamp the furniture, wall paint and electronic gadgets around and offer a chic look to the place time and again. In fact, the placing of Candles, satin pillows, home decor accessories, music system, designer lighting fixtures and artwork are some of the things very person ruled by LEO must have in his/her home.

  1. Colours for You

Vibrant Colours that include orange, red and gold suits your personality as a whole and thus you must have interiors decorated with these shades. Apart from being suitable with the sun sign, these colours also have the quality to display creativity, loyalty and curiosity to keeps the person going always.

  1. Colours for Harmony

The hues of blue, indigo and surprisingly mystic black creates a magnificent balance between energies and help you stay at peace. Also, the peaceful and fun-loving love ambiances at home keep harmony inside the living castle which glorifies festivities and allow happiness to flourish in each corner.

  1. Colours for Financial Growth

According to Vastu Shastra, the people ruled by LEO suns sign must incorporate Yellow and yellow-orange colour shades in home décor as it proves beneficial for career growth. Also, the positive rays of these colours encapsulate positivity and good energies in personal life too which helps to lead a happy family life while growing professionally by manifolds.

  1. Furniture for LEO Zodiac

A full-length mirror helps one review his/her own personality and also make the person feels more confident. So, the people ruled by this zodiac should also have a full-length mirror in their bedroom. The placing of well-designed furniture such as bed and sofa set are lucky as they turn positive side of fortune by your side.  Make sure that you have a birdfeeder unit in the open area and this fixture should be light-weighted as you can easily move it according to the mood and daylight. Also, place a narrow-shaped table at home and make sure to lead the way by keeping the pointed side of the table at your end.

  1. Fabric for You

The people ruled by LEO sun sign must incorporate triangular, pointed designs while using a light-weighted fabric in vibrant and rich colours. The combination of all these elements offers an opulent look to your dream castle which is actually good for you.

  1. Fragrance for LEO Zodiac

The sweet smell of rose, lavender, sandalwood and Juniper are best for you people as all these fragrances ensure blending of happiness in the home ambiance.