Vastu Tips
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Overall home Décor:

The people with Gemini sun sign are directly related to expressions that include communication and creativity. In fact, these two are the key areas that revolve around life as one required to interact with so many people including the family members, friends, on the social and professional front too. Hence, it is very important to understand the challenges you face in these two areas.

Reflection of Gemini on Vastu:

You have mood swings most of the time and this is because of the creative reflection of the Gemini zodiac. This continuous fluctuation in the behavior inspires you to renovate the home quite frequently and this makes you feel irritated at times. But need not worry as life will become smooth with the vastu tips for the Gemini sun sign.

  • The first thing to strengthen the communication skill is an ideal seating arrangement for yourself. Make sure that you sit with a straight back and the support of a wall or any strong material will be beneficial.
  • Secondly, remember facing towards the open area every time you sit.

Both these points will empower you with excellent communication power.

Directions to bring Positivity Home:

  • East – This direction makes you feel inspired and allow a person to learn and achieve something great. Also, the eastern way enhance self-confidence but also restricts you from experiencing leisure time.
  • West – Don’t let your mind and soul absorb vibes from this direction especially at the time you feel depressed. The western side allows a person to relax too much and this is definitely not a good thing for anyone.
  • North – Open getaway to the northern side of your home and feel relaxed while focusing on all important issues. This direction allows a person to get an in-depth understanding of content and thus makes you an asset in the professional world.
  • South – This direction lets a person enjoy life to the fullest. In fact, the southern direction is an eye-opener for the people ruled by Gemini sun sign as it pushes the person to grow socially.
  • North-East – This direction helps you focused and enhances clarity in mind.
  • North-West – Wisdom denotes this direction. Review life every time you reach a low point as it helps to understand the root cause of every problem.
  • South-East – Get great to expand your creative side by seating in this direction.
  • South-West – This direction helps you stay grounded and not let the success go up into the head as it is very important to maintain the successful stint both personally as well as on the professional ground.

Home Décor Idea to welcome Positivity Home:

  • Place an Open Book: This book denotes ancient information and secrets. So, place thing home décor item at home and get ready to know the new side of your personality.
  • Keys: This resembles to getaway as one will happily experience freedom without thinking much about the world. Also, the placement of keys makes face to face with the ground realities.
  • Footprints: The placing of footprints allows a person to leave his/her marks on the life that keeps the spirit alive even after the exit from this world.
  • Speaking Tree – This tree has ample knowledge to share and thus the placing of this home décor item denotes communication between two compositions or people.

Home Décor Items you should avoid placing:

Water Elements – The water has a flowing nature and thus it reflects on a person’s life directly. Hence, you are suggested not to keep such things at home.