East-Facing Homes
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After knowing about how to keep your home beautiful and protected from an evil eye now we are letting you understand the details related to east-facing homes. Scroll down the page and go through the points that a prospect must know while purchasing an East-facing home.

  1. Design the Main entrance door towards the East direction as the sun rises from here and brings in a lot of positivity inside a home all through the day. The door should be structured either in middle of the East direction else in the North-East direction. The home with entry gate towards the northern side suits all family members and allows professional and personal growth.
  2. The kitchen i.e. the Cooking junction of an East-facing home must be designed in South-East or North-West direction. The person cooking food must face towards the East direction in case the kitchen is structured in the South-East. The cooking junction facing towards North-West direction must have the platform facing towards the west.
  3. The master bedroom in an East-facing home shall be designed in the North-West direction. Remember that you must not have a bedroom in the North-East corner, although designing this space in the South-West direction is suitable for the couples.
  4. The devotional space alias the Puja room in all east-facing homes must be located in the North-East direction which is considered to be auspicious according to Vastu-Shastra.
  5. Create open spaces in the East direction and minimize leaving open space in the West direction as the wide open arenas in the East corner attract prosperity which keeps the family close-knitted and happy.
  6. The guest room must be designed in the North-West direction in East-facing homes as this direction help you maintain good relations with people you know and also fill the atmosphere with positivity.
  7. It is auspicious to have an underground water source in the North-east direction of an east-facing home. Also, having roof slopes towards South to North direction is considered to be a good sign for the growth of family members. You can also extend roof slope in the North-East direction.

Avoid These Things in an East-Facing Home:

  1. Firstly, keep the garbage away from home. Mae sure you have a clutter-free and a dirt-free home and also ensure that there is no littering or garbage placed in the North and North-East direction particularly.
  2. Secondly, avoid construction of toilets in the North-East corner of an East-facing home.
  3. Thirdly, a person must look that there shall be no cuts in the North-East direction of an East-facing house.
  4. Then, dismantle if a septic tank is structured in the North-East corner of your home.
  5. Restructure the staircase build in the North-East direction to any other direction of an East-facing home.
  6. Also, avoid planting trees or any other greens in the East direction as they restrict the absorption of sun rays inside the living castle.

Ways to Cure Vastu-Dosh in East-Facing Homes:

  1. To cure the vastu dosh in East-facing home, a person is required to place a copper door pyramid below the entrance gate.
  2. Also, it is believed to place a vastu kalash in the NorthEast direction to spread peace and harmony inside a home.
  3. Place a study crystal in NorthEast corner of a home as this helps in focusing and thus improves the academic result of your kids.
  4. Give home a quick wash with mountain/rock salt twice a week to diffuse negative energies around you.

Lastly, cut the strips of a vastu pyramid strips and paste it into the tank to minimize the reflections of vastu dosh.