Vastu Tips for ‘Cancer’ Sun Sign
Img : decoist

Ruled by Cancer sun sign? If yes, then here are the things you must consider while decorating the home. This is so, because, every zodiac behaves differently and thus it is important to have surroundings according to the person/people as wrong home décor is likely to bring tough times which is one thing that people wish not to see. So, have a look at the below-mentioned things before stepping out to shop for your home.

  1. De-Clutter Home

Throw out the rustic things hanged up on the terrace as the keeping of wastage on the roof is believed to carry the burden of useless things which results in a slow growth both professionally and personally. The process of decluttering also makes way for the free flow of positive energies as the placing of too many things in group restrict the path of good energies. So, it the right time to for you to differentiate between memories and waste that has been kept at your home from a long time.

  1. Go Green

The people ruled by Cancer sun sign have a caring nature. Thus, it is advised to keep plants at home as nurturing them nicely as is the best way to keep moving ahead in life. So, bring home various indoor plants, terrariums, balcony gardens, herbs and flowers and allow positivity to help you stay happy, healthy and prosperous. Also, the greens are best to enhance the overall look of a home as the blooming flowers and the shape of greens offer freshness and chic look.

  1. Fragrance for Home

The people belonging to Cancer zodiac are a foodie and thus they love to smell good. So, apart from gorging over food to experience the sweet smelling fragrances, you must also opt for aromatic candles, incense sticks and air diffusers in different smells like jasmine, rose, sandalwood and lavender to fins peace of mind. Other than using these home décor items you can also place a steam-air diffuser which creates a completely different atmosphere with these sweet smelling aromas at your home.

  1. Fabrics for Home

The people ruled by this sun sign must opt for comfortable and cozy fabrics. We suggest use of floral patterns in light coloured shades that comprises of elite and sophisticated look. The use of light colours at home attracts peace, happiness and is an indicator of continuous growth. So, inspite of shopping for bold colours with sharp-edged images on bed lines, curtains and pillows opt for smooth designs that offer chic look.

  1. Furniture for Home

You, people, are social and love to throw parties without a reason. Being a social person you have many friends and well-wishers hence hosting party mean having many people together at one place. So, the small piece of furniture is not going to help and thus you must shop for large alias spacious furniture like 7-seater sofa, dining table with seating of more than eight people. Also, develop the unutilized corner/spaces like under staircase area, side corner and other spaces as seating for the guests. While doing all this, you must remember that the flow of positive energy is not restricted.

  1. Home Décor Setup

You people are emotional and are family oriented. Thus you keep all memories like photos and videos carefully. But now it’s time to showcase love for the family and hence putting up a wall of memories and photo collage at different places is a wonderful idea to decorate home. On a whole, keep the living paradise clean, clutter-free, and painted with light colour shades and memories.

  1. Colours for professional Growth

 The warmness of gold and orange colours effect earning power directly. So, style your working space at home with these colours and open getaways to achieve huge success in life professionally.