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A happy home is the dream of everyone and achieving it is no longer a big deal. We love to decorate our house to add a sense of warmth and appeal to it. But very few know that with help of certain Vastu arrangements, one can add prosperity to your home too. So, let’s decorate your home considering some Vastu tips to make a pathway to prosperity towards your home.


Vastu Shastra lays special emphasis on the use of specific colours in different directions to raise the house energy levels. While the northern zone of your house should be dominant with the colours like Green, Blue, White and Black colours, decorate the southern zone with the shades of green and red. Colours like Green, Brown and white are apt for East zone while the west zone should include shades of White and Cream. Please note that broom, dustbin, sink, kitchen, and toilet should not be kept in the North-East zone and if you try to keep them here it will lead to the erosion of your physical and mental health. To enhance some freshness in your house, try to place some fresh flowers in a green flower vase at the North zone or may be a money plant maintained in a blue vase can do wonders in terms of your financial games.

God Figures

To add God figures as a part of your décor, intricate attention is required to be given to their homage. Say, Goddess Laxmi Ji must be placed in the North of your house while the apt place for a common temple is Western Zone.


Rangoli is one of the integral parts of decoration and the choice of colours again play a vital role in it depending on which direction you are going to make it. For North Zone entrance, Vastu recommends avoiding colours like purple, red and orange. Even you should also avoid triangular designs in this zone. These are more appropriate if you have your entrance to the home in South Zone. For North Zone, go with wavy designs in a blue colour to attract prosperity, wealth and opportunities.

Arts & Sculptures

Many animal sculptures are also used as a part of décor. These sculptures have Vastu significance as well. A tortoise facing North is good in terms of patient strength and stability.

If you are an art lover or love to decorate your house with your photographs, choose the location for them cautiously. To cherish wonderful relationships, place your family photographs in a Golden Frame at South-West Zone of your house. Refrain the use of blues and reds in this zone to cut-off negativity on the relationships and money flow. To enhance the capital gain flow, Place a village scene in the West Zone of your house.


If mirrors are the parts of your decor, according to Vastu, you need to be very cautious while choosing the locations where these could be placed. The frame of the mirror particularly should be picked up in sync with the zone chosen to place them. Prefer to place these mirrors in Eastern or Northern Zone. Placing them in West zone will lead to erosion of the respective zone’s strength.

With these simple Vastu tips, you may bring loads of positivity and prosperity in your life.