Bad Vastu Paintings
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Vastu Shastra is a key to bring peace, prosperity and happiness home. Thus, you must follow various tips to maintain the flow of positive energy at your residing place. Instead of changing the home décor or the location of a room according to the positive tips of the Vastu Shastra why don’t you take notice of the things which Vastu Shastra tells you not to do or not to follow?

So, today forget about how you set up the home décor and focus on what not to hang inside the home. This blog post is all about the painting alias artwork that you must not hang at home. So, scroll the page downwards and know about the six things that have the power to attract negative vibes inside a home.

  1. Sinking Ship

The sinking ship depicts end of life in a slow motion. Hence, this artwork diffuses negative vibes in the room and thus leaves a bad impact on your mind which is solely responsible for the unpleasant turn of events in life. So, don’t fall for the aesthetic design of this painting and avoid hanging it inside your home. According to Vastu Shastra, the hanging of this painting discontinues the flow of positive energy from the middle area.

Sinking Ship
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  1. War

This is a thing of past as today the world and people have come a long way from where the war ended. Despite this fact, many people love to keep the history alive and thus hang the paintings of war at their home which they should not do. In fact, the Vastu Shastra believes that any artwork denoting war should not be hanged at the living place as it fills the entire atmosphere with negative thoughts and provokes the person to take revenge. So, avoid hanging this kind of paintings at your residence.

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  1. Heartbroken Child/person

The person sketched to be in pain creates a nostalgic environment at home and also makes the family members feel sadden while thinking about some good old memories. This depresses the mood of the people at home and also attracts negative energies according to Vastu Shastra. So, put down the idea to hang any such painting.

Heartbroken Person
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  1. Waterfall

Vastu Shastra suggests you not to hang the painting of flowing water such as the waterfall. This image represents the outflow of wealth and prosperity which results in a financial imbalance of the people residing in a home. So, protect your wealth by not hanging this kind of painting in the living arena.

Cove Waterfall
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  1. Lord Natraj

Widely known as the lord of dance, his painting or the artwork should not be kept at home according to the Vastu Shastra. This is because the dancing form of Lord Natraj is depicted as the dance of destruction. Hence one should avoid putting up this kind of painting inside a home.

Lord Natraj
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  1. Violent Animals

The animal painting with open jaws or in fighting mode should be hanged in a home as these paintings produce negative vibes which can make the living atmosphere negative. So, don’t put up this kind of artwork at your place of living.

Violent Animals
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