vastu shastra tips to place mirrors
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Vastu Shastra Tips to place Mirrors: A mirror is an essential part of home décor but eventually, the need of this reflective glass has changed to a certain kind of home décor. Hence, be cautious while placing the same inside the abode as the crystal reflection of a mirror has the ability to make and break things. So, keep these Vastu Shastra things in mind while placing mirrors inside a home.

Here are the best Vastu Shastra Tips to place Mirrors inside a Home:
  1. The mirror should not face towards the East direction as it restricts the entry of positive vibes inside the home.
  2. Avoid placing of the mirror towards the South direction as the same increases the level of arrogance in the child.
  3. Keep mirrors out of sight in the kitchen. This is so because Mirror denotes water and having both water and fire in the same arena is not a good sign.
  4. Avoid placing unframed mirrors and Vastu Shastra also suggests you not to place mirrors behind the bed or the sofa.
  5. Vastu Shastra also suggests you not to decorate the home with mirror tiles or any such thing as it distorts your image and this is not believed to be good.
  6. Vastu Shastra suggests you place mirrors adjacent to the locker as it will impact positively and will also increase your wealth.
  7. The North direction is said to be the home of Lord Kuber the Gods of Wealth and thus you must hang the mirror in this direction to double the generation of wealth.
  8. Avoid placing of mirrors inside the bedroom and it will minimize the chance of conflict between the partners thus having peace and happiness inside the home. In case, you have a mirror inside the bedroom then make sure it does not reflect the bed.
  9. Avoid placing of mirrors in front of each other as it will increase restlessness.