Kritti VastuToday, a large number of people focus on Vastu Shastra and thus it is important to consult a Vastu expert as half-baked knowledge about anything is dangerous. So, here is an exclusive interview with Kritti, a Vastu Consultant from Ghaziabad on various aspects of Vastu Shastra which is also the traditional architectural method in India.

Q: What is the concept of Vastukriti?

At Vastukriti we deal in energy bodies. We believe that this whole universe is evolving at a different pace which can be defined as its frequency. If we can match with its pace then the results can be truly magical & beyond our imaginations.

Initially, at Vastukriti we started up with full-fledged Vastu Projects where our team used to work on the Layouts, Dimensions & Directions.  As I had previously mentioned about the frequencies one needs to know that each direction releases a particular frequency at a particular wavelength. These vibrations released by each direction have a different effect on the people living or working in those surroundings. In our Vastu consultancy, our first & foremost aim is to get the people synchronized with the vibrations of the directions. This tends to give very positive, soothing and desired results to our clients. As we went ahead on this journey of ours we observed that in some cases despite getting the desired combinations of directions the results were not at par with them. That made us explores the other factors which affect the premises other than the directions. This brought us to the conclusion that it’s the Aura of the premises & its Energies which made us enter into new arena of services i.e. Reiki Healing, Crystal Therapy, Meditation, Numerology & Astrology.

Q: How does color, Music, Aroma & Vegetation therapies impact a person’s life?

As the name suggests Therapy means a treatment which helps someone feels better & grows stronger. Our first preference is always to get things corrected by Vastu treatment but as discussed earlier when Vastu doesn’t give us desired output then we work on the same case with our Color Therapy, Music Therapy, Vegetation Therapy & Aroma therapy as a remedy to expand the Aura of a particular space.

Color therapy: Every direction has its own color & its own ruling Deity. When the balance in between these deities & directions is disturbed there we get them in sync with each other with our color therapy. For example, when we have a room in the Southeast direction i.e. AGNAY KON a person living in this room will always feel the heat effect mentally. So to minimize the ill effects of the south-east direction we recommend that room to be painted white so that it nullifies the effects of direction & gives a soothing effect to its residents.

Colour Therapy

Music Therapy: Music signifies Space. In modern living where there is scarcity of space in fact due to this a scarcity the more & more high rise & Skyscrapers are being built today. Cities & households are densely populated. Just imagine when the residents are feeling the shortage of space what about the ENERGY? The free flow of energy is being disturbed due to it. In cases where there is no possibility of extension, we use Music therapy there to create the desired space enabling the free & fresh flow of energy. We play a variety of spiritual & divine music which ensures creating peaceful wavelengths.

Aroma: Aroma means a pleasant smell. It is often said that goddess LAKSHMI resides in a calm, soulful & peaceful place. Aroma therapy enables us to enhance the positivity of environment. There are different sort of aromas for different directions as per there ruling deity. The Aroma therapy is used as a primary tool in Vastu remedies as well to enhance the energy level of the said place.

Aroma Therapy

Vegetation: Vegetation plays a vital role in the overall development of any premises. It is used as a tool to create lively surroundings & to balance the flowing energies. For example, as per Vastu principles, the north east direction should be lighter then southeast but due to ongoing layouts of premises & heavy pressure on Builders to get more and more units out of the said plot, they often compromise on this principle. To get this problem rectified we place Anaar plant in the SouthEast to make it heavier. Moreover, Anaar (Pomegranate) plant represents Heat which enhances the AGNAY kon feature of direction & hence balance is created in between directions.

Vegetation Therapy

Q: Shall a person seek vastu consultation before buying a property or it can be done later too ?

   There are two kinds of projects as far as vastu is concerned:

  • When someone owns a plot & constructs it as per there requirement.
  • When someone buys a ready to move in flats from real estate developer.

In both cases, we recommend that vastu consultant’s advice should be taken. When one is carrying on the construction of his own then he must consult before starting the construction & layout should be made as per the principles of Vastu. In the second case when one is buying a unit from any developer one should take advice at the time of finalizing the unit. Although correction can be done without demolitions with the help of these therapies but lesser we need them better we are.  Yes, but one thing is for sure that proper consultation & advice should always be taken before finalizing the layout or carrying on any type of construction.

Q: How important it is to consult a Vastu expert rather than following the Myths?

 Many greedy people with half-baked knowledge have made a devil out of Vastu. They just make you believe that if you don’t do this it will have a very adverse effect on you. When someone is convinced they get fortune spent in demolition and reconstruction of the property. While the truth is that 90 % of construction-related faults can be rectified by these simple therapies & placement of yantras. Vastu is not a recent discovery but it has been extracted from our VEDAS Atharva Veda. It is a pure study based on the law of Nature. In older times washrooms used to be made outside the premises of house and now they have moved into the living rooms. Aren’t we all Healthy and fine? Of course, we are but one just need to be made sure each room or section is in sync with the energies & deities of the direction &this can be done only in the guidance of properly qualified and trained Vastu consultant. Half knowledge or bookish knowledge can create further problems if the implementation is not done properly. So as per my view we need not be afraid of vastu. In fact, we should just follow one principle that this is the space of energies we just need to channelize them.


Q: Does Vastu imply in accord with the property owner or it considers all family members?

Property is an asset which we not only inherit from our parents but also out of blessings of our ancestors (Pitra). Many a time people say that property doesn’t suit them whereas some people have made fortunes out of the property. So yes, of course, it has its effects on the owner of the property but every single member living in the property gets affected by its layout. So Vastu of the property is being done in sync with every member living/working in it. For example, in a residential property, the head of the family or the main couple is always advised to live in Southwest bedroom whereas kids are advised for the room located in the northeast direction. In commercial property, the owner of the organization is advised to have his sitting in southwest whereas the finished material i.e. material ready to be sold is advised to be placed in northwest to ensure speedy movement. So basically while doing Vastu of a particular House we have to take care of every member of the family as it has its impact on every member in a certain way.

Q: How five elements of nature impact VASTU?

The five elements of nature effect not only Vastu but also the human being. To understand the need of these five elements and their concerned directions & organs let us study them below:

Water  NorthEast  Blood, Juices
AirNorthWest  Oxygen
FireSouthEastFood Digestion  
Space   Brahmsthan (Centre Point)Mental Peace
Earth  SouthWestReleases Stress (grounding)

As it is clear from this table that every element has a certain direction & impacts certain functions of the body. Every direction has its own unique features & those must be respected to maintain balance & harmony among the elements of nature. No direction should be ignored as either the overdose or deficiency of any of the five elements can prove to be fatal in long run. In short, we can sum up Vastu as an art of creating the balance between five elements of nature, Human being & Directions.