vastu shastra for home entrance
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Vastu Shastra For Home Entrance

Vastu Shastra is a science of architecture according to which the design of a house should be in synchrony with the five elements of nature. The right house design and décor promote happiness and prosperity in the household. There are many aspects of Vastu Shastra, each one aimed at killing the negativity in and around the house. However, one of the first design considerations when building a house or buying a new one should be the Vastu for home entrance.

It is considered the first phase of planning a house design, which in turn brings positive results. However, suppose the design of an existing house cannot be altered. In that case, there are many Vastu décor ideas for home entrance that can be considered to bring the designer effects.

When planning any construction or buying a house, you consider all the important points mentioned under the Vastu for home entrance guide. 

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Design The Home Entrance As Per Vastu

Designing and constructing the home entrance as per Vastu is the most important aspect. As per Vastu, the home entrance is not just the point of entry for humans, but it also serves as an entry point for all the energies surrounding us. Considering that one needs a life that moves towards victory and progress, it is crucial to make the entrance / main door facing the north, east, or northeast. These directions are considered to bring positivity and good luck to the household. On the contrary, if your door is facing the south or North-West, it is not considered the ideal direction for the home entrance. 

If you are buying an already constructed property, then check the direction before buying or changing the direction of entry, if possible, before your shift in the house.

Vastu Shastra Aims To Welcome A Healthy And Happy Life

As per the Vedas, Vastu shastra should be one of the critical considerations for your home design. If your Vastu shastra entrance direction for home is south facing, you might be receiving negative energies at your home. It also allows negative energies to pile up and wreak havoc on the house and its occupants.

 On the other hand, energies that come through the middle, i.e., southeast direction, general vibe, bring positivity. 

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Key Tips To Follow For Entrance As Per Vastu

You might not have a home entrance facing Vastu, but you can certainly do little things to make things fall in place. Here is how to make your home entrance Vastu friendly:

1- Marble or wooden door:

Firstly you must choose a wooden door or one made of marble. Both these materials are counted as auspicious and bring good luck to the house. 

It is believed that marble and also absorbs all the negative energy and brings positivity to the house. 

2- An easy to recognize the entrance:

Secondly, it is believed that your entrance door should be easy to recognize to welcome the positive energy. For this, the entrance should be painted with a distinct color or you must put up your name or address on the main entrance. 

3- Home entrance as per Vastu must have enough light:

While creating your entrance, make sure that the entry point of the house has adequate light as it is good for the house. However, don’t place a mirror just opposite the entry point. It can result in bouncing back of the negative energy that is considered wrong.  

4- Vastu shastra for home entrance decor:

To make your main door attractive and as per Vastu, you can put up a lamp that has a lot of light and highlight the door by putting up a gold nameplate and swastika design. An interior designer usually does this, and it brings a lot of fortune. Doing these little deeds around the main door would for sure bring positivity and happiness to your life.

Following these Vastu for home entrance tips would help you to stay happy and positive in your home. You can experience a great life if you create a positive and beautiful entrance as per the Vastu Shastra for the home entrance. So while constructing a new house, follow the details mentioned above. You can use the tips to give it a look as per Vastu for the already constructed ones.