vastu shastra for bathroom
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Vastu Shastra has some specific guidelines for every corner of a home. From your bedroom to the kitchen, the vastu has rules for everything to make a better life for everyone. Today, in this very article, we will mainly focus on the vastu shastra for bathroom and let you know about some of the helpful vastu tips for bathroom as well.

However, if you’re planning to build a home for yourself, you have just landed at the right place. Here in this topic, you will let you know about a few helpful vastu tips for the bathroom so that you can plan your bathroom direction as per vastu

Is Bathroom An Important Place?

vastu shastra for bathroom
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Before going to the bathroom’s vastu tips, it is important to know whether the bathroom is a vital place in vastu planning or not! According to vastu experts, a bathroom is where we release harmful toxins from our bodies. So, along with a bedroom and other rooms, the bathroom is also of utmost importance. And constructing the bathrooms in a well-mannered way is also a crucial part of the construction process. Hence, bathroom direction as per vastu is highly recommended in every home. So now, if you’re on the way to constructing your home, check out the vastu tips for bathroom for leading a beautiful life.

Location Of The Bathroom

According to the vastu, the location of the bathroom matters a lot. The proper location for constructing a separate bathroom should be the northwest side of the home. On the contrary, as per the vastu for attached bathroom and toilet, if the bathroom is attached with the bedroom, then the west side of the house would be the best choice. However, according to the vastu shastra for bathroom, you must avoid constructing the bathroom in the east and north side of the house.

Entrance As Per Vastu Shastra For Bathroom  

As per the vastu for attached bathroom and toilet, it is best to construct the bathroom separated from the bedroom. But due to the shorter space, if you have to construct, try to maintain a little gap for avoiding the direct connection between bedroom and bathroom. However, the bathroom entrance must be on the east or north side of the house, as vastu suggests.

Color Of The Bathroom

The bathroom’s color is one of the most important factors that you shouldn’t avoid as per the vastu shastra. The most preferred color for bathroom as per vastu is the light shade of Blue, Green, or Pink. As the bathroom is the place for releasing negative energies, the bathroom’s color must consist of positivity. However, it is strongly suggested not to use any dark color for bathroom as per vastu.

Location Of The Water Closet

Keeping the proper location of the water closet is extremely important, along with other fittings. According to the expert’s opinion of vastu for bathroom fittings, the best direction of the water closet should be on the west side of the bathroom. And for other bathing accessories, always choose the East and North direction.  

Apart from that, you must perform a thorough checking when the plumber fixes the pot in the toilet to ensure the vastu for bathroom fittings. The water closet must not be fitted above or beneath any auspicious places. The pot must be fitted in such a way that no one has to face the east or north side of the toilet while sitting. 

The Floor Of The Bathroom

The bathroom floor is also an important factor to consider while constructing the bathroom as per vastu. The use of floor tiles or marbles are highly recommended as per the expert’s vastu tips for bathroom. The drainage direction must be on the north side of the bathroom as the flowing water from the bathroom contains many negative energies.

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Well, as you have gone through the whole topic, now you know the significance of making the bathroom as per vastu for your home. But, unfortunately, in most cases, people forget to give importance to the bathroom during the construction process. However, suppose the bathrooms can be made by properly following the vastu shastra for bathroom. In that case, you needn’t face any difficulties in rectifying the vastu dosh in the future.