Vastu shastra Décor Ideas for Living Room
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Have you lost the peace of mind in today’s fast-paced life? Then, you must take the Vastu pathway to bring peace, harmony, good health, and wealth in your life. Actually, Vastu is an ancient style of home décor that suggest the placing of items according to the directional value.

Of course, not many people are aware of decorating home according to Vastu Shastra. Thus, the wrong placing of articles can turn your life upside down. So, act smartly and prettify your abode look finesse.

It’s time to welcome positive vibes in life by positioning these gubbins and furniture perfectly.

  1. Curvy – Furniture 

The set of furniture is an essential part of a home. Thus, bring in some trendy furniture and make sure you buy curvy furniture articles such as round coffee table, curvy sofa set etc. According to Vastu Shastra, the sharp-edged furniture cut the path of positive energy therefore you must keep furniture in a circular shape at home. As it keeps the good energies flow inside a home 24X7.

Curvy - Furniture
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  1. Hanging Paintings for Wall not Walls 

We often decorate walls with frames. But, do you know that walls facing Northeastern directions are best to hang paintings? The colors affect human lives largely. Therefore, embellish your wall of northeastern direction with any paintings of your choice.

Hanging Paintings for Wall not Walls
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  1. Proper Placement of Puja Shelf 

The northeast direction is said to bring in a lot of positivity. Therefore you must place the puja shelf in this particular direction. As the God’s blessings and your hard work will help you grow faster both personally as well as professionally.

Proper Placement of Puja Shelf
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  1. Lit Up Lights 

The lighting not only expels darkness but it also guides positive rays inside the house. So, install lighting fixtures that you can illuminate day and night. Now the introduction of LED lights save energy and consume less power. Thus, make use of these LED bulbs to light up your home round the clock.

Lit Up Lights
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  1. Southwest Direction Perfect for Chandeliers 

The chandeliers enhance the look of a home. Thus, you must opt for trendy and chic-looking chandeliers and hang them in south or west direction of the living room. This brings in prosperity and wealth. So make your life comfortable and happy by following this idea.

Southwest Direction Perfect for Chandeliers
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Style up your living room according to Vastu Shastra and allow the incoming of happiness and prosperity in life.