Vastu for happy life
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Do you know correct home Vastu can bring you health, wealth and prosperity? On the other side, if there are Vastu defects at dwellers place he might have to work harder even to get his basic needs fulfilled.

Many people do not consider vastu or vastu defects when they are buying home or shifting to another place. Assumption is taken that it influences and affects your life positively or negatively only if you believe in it. However, whether or not you believe in it, Vastu plays a very important role and affects every sphere of your life. Human is made up of five elements fire, water, ether, air and space. And Vastu follows the principle of balancing all five elements in our life.

Here are the points you should take note of while moving into a new house or buying any residential property.

Main door or entrance: Construction of entrance should be avoided in the South, South East direction, South West and North West direction. It can be either in North, East or North-East, or west wall of the house.

Shape of the plot: The plot on which the property is constructed should be either square or rectangular in shape. Each direction has its own importance. If a direction is missing, it can lead to respective disturbance in the dweller’s life.

Direction of kitchen: The best direction for kitchen is South-East corner of the house. It should never be in the North, North-East, North-West or South-West corner.

Placement of appliances in kitchen: Appliances whether electric or non-electric should be placed appropriately. Cook top should be in South-East corner. Refrigerator and sink should be placed in such a way that the two points along with cook top makes a triangle. Oven, mixer-grinder or other appliances should be in South wall.

Water storage tank: Water signifies wealth. Appropriate placement of water storage tank ensures prosperity. And North direction signifies Lord Kuber. Hence it should be placed in North direction, still better if it is in North-east corner of the house.

Master bedroom: Parents should occupy this room if it is a nuclear family. Master bedroom is basically for the owner or the earning member of the family. It should be in South, West, or South-West corner.

Kids’ bedroom: Bedroom for kids should be allotted in the west zone. South or South-West corner should be avoided.

Direction of washrooms: Washrooms tend to contain negative energy. Hence they should be constructed in such a way that it does not affect the environment of the house. The wind blows from North-East to South-West. If toilets and washrooms are constructed in South-East side it will ensure that the air of rest of the house remains pure and unaffected.

Placement of vaults: Vaults or locker that contains cash or important documents pertaining financial details, should be placed in a direction so that they open in north or east direction.

Direction of temple or worshipping area: worshipping area should be chosen in North-east or East zone of the house.

The above-mentioned directions are the ideal direction for each room but it might not be possible to place each and every object as per the Vastu norms. Therefore, there are Vastu remedies as well. However, they should be used only if corrections are not possible.