Vastu Colors Happy Homes
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Every home has a smell, sense, and scene of its own. This is no different in your case too. But, do you know that the wall colors impact one’s life majorly? If not, then add this piece of information in your knowledge bank now.

So, take a pause and think about colors that will illuminate the entire home space. There are many ways to wall choose shades. But, the location sometimes cut the through the energy of colors.

Thus, it is important to know which color has the potential to illuminate the corners of your home. Wait. As you need not perform brainstorming for choosing a perfect wall color.

Rather select the wall colors according to Vastu and keep up the good living. There are eight directions and each of them impacts our life in a divergent manner. So, lower down the page and have a look at the perfect wall color of your home.

  1. East – Sunny White

This color spreads freshness in the air. Get this wall color in the East direction of the house and include coolness in your attitude. Also, this color represents peace and dignity. Thus, you will get a positive vibe to control anger as it is necessary to survive in today’s world.

East – Sunny White
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  1. West – Blue

Blue is the color of planet Saturn. Both the planet and this color help you relax and calm down. So, if you live a stressed life then paint the west corner of your living space blue. This color is powerful enough to bring you closer to god. The blue color gives a soothing look and feel. Thus, you must wall paint the home’s west direction blue in order to distress yourself.

West – Blue
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  1. North – Green

This is the third color you must put on the walls. Of course, the green color means nature, but it also refers to nurture buds. On a whole, the green color walls open entry to growth, fertility, security, and prosperity. So, welcome the good times with new wall paint at your home this year.

North – Green
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  1. South – Pink

Pink is the color of love. So, if you have designed a bedroom in the south direction then it’s time to rejuvenate your love life. Increase fondness for each other by painting the south directional walls pink and showcase the purity of love, concern, and belongingness.

South – Pink
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  1. North-East – Yellow

A joy of living actually comes from this color. The enhancement of home walls with yellow color helps you think creatively. Also, it enables you to search peace by going closer to the spiritual powers. In fact, the yellow color has an attractive nature. So, the wall paint will help you absorb the qualities of this bright color always.

North-East – Yellow
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  1. South-West – Green

The green color refers to prosperity. So, color your walls with this sparkling color and a touch new level of success both professionally as well as personally. Also, decorate the place with stylish lights and make the place look absolutely elegant.

South-West – Green
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  1. South-East – Silver White

The silver white color is a bit strict in nature. Almost like a feminine around so. Therefore, the addition of this color asks for perfection. Match the accessories with your southeastern space and renovate the home in a trendy manner.

South-East – Silver White
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  1. North-West – White

The white color embraces peace. So, lit up the north-west direction of your home in this rich color and keep yourself relaxed. Also, set up the home décor items in white color to enhance the look of the space.

North-West – White
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All these vastu colors are known to bring good luck, happiness, and harmony in life. So, brush the wall with new colors and enjoy the good life.