Indoor Plant
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Are you getting bored of your living room’s interior? Then, revamp this place with a delightful gift of Vastu-based dome décor items. Undoubtedly, many people love to style up their home in a modern way. But, sometimes it prohibits your way to success. Thus, you must try to refurbish the living room with Vastu-based home décor items. As they are believed to usher peace, prosperity and happiness in life.

Today, the market is full of trendy items that act as the lucky charm. So, here is the list of decorative items or the home décor items according to Vastu that you must place in the living room. The arranging of these lucky charms will fill the atmosphere with favorableness. So, have a look at these artefacts.

Vastu-Based Home Décor Items:-

  1. Water Fountain

The continuous flow of water refers to flushing out of evil vibes and flowing in of positive energy. Thus, place a small water fountain in your living room as per the Vastu belief and keep moving forward on the path that leads you to success.

Indoor Water Fountain

  1. Mirrors

A mirror is actually a reflector that lets us know who we are. Interestingly, the mirror spread the fluorescent image all the time. These glitzy rays also hold a lot of good vibes that will help you successfully accomplish each and every task in life.

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  1. Curtains in Light Color

The curtains act as a protector. Thus, you must also hang up the curtains in your home. But, remember that the curtains particularly absorb everything including dust particles, good vibes, and negativity. Therefore, you should prefer hanging curtains in the pastel or lighter shades. This will keep the positivity around and make you experience a happy home.

Curtains in Light Color
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  1. Bring in Houseplants

The houseplants look chic in the living room. According to the Vastu-Shastra the inclusion of the plants such as Aloe plant, Anthurium, Asparagus Fern, Peperomia, and Snake plants bring in a huge amount of oxygen and freshness. So, switch to a greener option to wipe out the dizziness from your life. This is really a cool Vastu-based home décor items for living room.

Bring in Houseplants
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  1. Put Up Paintings

Hang around the paintings that offer a positive point of view. It can be the light shades painting of sun’s seven horses alias Suraj ke Saat Ghode. Or else you frame and put up any positive quote. This will keep your mood upbeat and will turn the table positively for you.

Put Up Paintings

These five Vastu-based home décor items for living room is an idealistic way to bring in good fortune.