vastu animals sculpture for home
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Vastu Animals Sculpture For Home

Vastu, in simple terms, is a science of architecture that starts from the construction of a house in synchrony with five elements of nature. Vastu dates back to the Vedic time and has great importance in constructing a new home or renovating one. Vastu is known to bring fortune and progress to people who live in constructed, arranged, and decorated houses as per the Vastu Shastra. 

Vastu has several things associated with it. From Vastu pyramids to salt lamps, Vastu animals sculpture for home and statues, and several more, there are many additions that can reform the Vastu of your home. Here in the post, we will talk about Vastu animals sculpture for home and another vastu statue for home that can be the welcoming door for positivity and prosperity in your home and life. Let’s get started:

Which Animal Statue Is Good For Home?

Animal statue décor is an arrangement where you place different animal statues in your home as per the Vastu shastra. It is believed that different animals have different significances and putting them up as per Vastu can bring a lot of positive changes in our lives. The animal statue décor changes the energy of the house from negative to positive. It makes everything move towards a constructive outcome. However, you should not just buy animal statues just because they look appealing, but first, understand the meaning and their effects on your home. If you always wonder which animal statue is good for home? Here is the answer to it.

Elephant- a symbol of love and protection

vastu animals sculpture for home
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First in the list of animal statues, it is the elephant statue. It should be placed at the entrance as per Vastu. It is believed that the elephant is a savior and protector. So it would protect the house from all the bad vibes and keep it safe. Alternatively, you can place the elephant in the bedroom. It is believed that having an elephant in the bedroom promotes love and faith in a relationship. So make sure you buy two elephants and place them up for a better life.

No snakes or single birds

vastu animals sculpture for home
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People usually put up paintings of wild animals such as giraffes, snakes, lions, etc., around the house. However, as per animal statue decor, this is not a wrong practice that affects the harmony of your home. Different types of Vastu statue for home produce negativity that would always create chaos in the household.

Especially in the bedroom, you should never put up paintings or statues of these animals. Moreover, it is also not recommended to put single bird’s pictures, portraits, and statues in the bedroom as they are a spoiler of the relationship. They won’t bring togetherness; rather will lead to separation. This is why people gift love birds as a couple would always get love and togetherness at the place they are kept.

Keeping the peacock at the right place

If you have bought a peacock statue, then it is advisable to keep it at the entrance. The animal statue décor claims that a peacock statue would keep away the entire bad omen and bring colors and positivity to the house. Even for a happy married life, it is advised to keep two peacock feathers in the bedroom. It would end all the quarrels and bring harmony to the relationship. Suppose you aspire to have a happy home and a married life. In that case, you must get a Vastu animal sculpture for home, especially the peacock.

Keep a horse status in the south to bring prosperity

vastu animals sculpture for home
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For the betterment of the house, you must keep a horse statue at the house. The Horse vastu statue for home should be kept in the south direction as it will bring prosperity and wealth to the house. While you buy the status of the horse, make sure you buy the statue of a running horse as it is considered the luckiest. Even when you place it in the south direction, make sure it is facing the door or window as it will attract positive vibes for the house.

Final Words On Vastu Animals Sculpture For Home

If the things are not per Vastu, then negative energy could build up, and bad things can happen. Thus, it is recommended to make sure you follow Vastu for the good luck of your house and life. Adding different animal sculptures to your home décor as per the Vastu Shastra has a unique significance. As animals are known for different symbols, Vastu also has its meaning. So you will be able to understand which animal statue is good for home and then purchase it further for different kinds of needs and desires.