Vaastu And Fen-Shui Tips For An ‘Opulent’ Home
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The age-old custom and traditions are rigidly followed in today’s generation because somehow they have scientifically proven their relevance. Vaastu and Fen-Shui are such sciences that have been followed by ages and the positive effects of the same cannot be ignored. From deciding the location of your bedroom, bathroom and kitchen or using different color combinations in each zone, Vaastu plays a significant role.

A recent study revealed that more than 90% of the homebuyers prefer to opt for a house build as per Vaastu guidelines. Moreover, they do not even mind compromising over the design or size of the house, if only constructed in sync with Vaastu guidelines. These numbers must be surprising but it truly reflects the faith of people in Vaastu and Fen-Shui.

The Basic difference between Fen Shui and Vaastu is that, while Vaastu follows more conservative principles, the guidelines to Fen Shui are more liberal and modern. Today, the astrologers prefer to follow both, turning out your house a great architectural art. While Fen Shui is used as a part of décor, Vaastu is strictly followed for the placement of various kinds of room in your house. These two ancient sciences together have given a perfect solution to every problem.

The placement of your Bedroom

The best location for your master Bedroom is the Southern zone. With the headboard towards South or West, you should place it in a way that your head should not lay towards North.  According to Vaastu, it is believed that taking meal within bedroom causes health deterioration. Especially if you have your meals on your bed, it causes ill-health. In case you own more than one floor in your house, you should maintain your master bedroom on the top floor. Ensure that you have a leveled ceiling which is well- maintained and not broken from anywhere. It helps to ensure a steady state of mind. Avoid placing Divine idols within your bedroom. To ensure higher level of concentrations for your kids, you must locate their room in the west or Northwest zone of your house. To enhance your wealth, you must keep your Jewelry at the South and cash and wealth at the North.

 The placement of your Pooja room

You will rarely find any Indian house without a Pooja room. So, if you construct one, make sure that it lies to the Northeast of your house. If you are not able to fit it this way, you may choose East or North zone of your house specifically for this purpose. All the idols within a Pooja room must face the Eastern Zone. None of the idols should exceed more than 6 inches in height. When you sit for the prayers, you should face West or East of your house as per Vaastu. It is highly recommended not to sleep in this room.

The placement of rest of rooms

The Northwest or East zone is most appropriate for situating a bathroom. While the Eastern-wall of your bathroom should be used for washbasin, Southeast corner is apt for geyser placement.

The West zone is the ideal location for your dining room. It is ruled by Saturn which represents hunger.

Avoid placing any thorny plants like a cactus in your home. Rest of the plants is apt to place at East or North zone of your house.

The entrance gate of your house must have two panels with main door opening outwards. The doors must not creak and should not open inwards.

For study room, West, North, East, Northwest and Northeast are the ideal locations. The positive effects of Mercury boost the brain power and wisdom. If you place Pooja room and study room adjacent to each other, this will be an ideal arrangement.

These Vaastu and Fen Shui tips will surely bring loads of positivity in your life.