Chief Minister Trivendra Singh Rawat
Img : dnaindia

Trivendra Singh Rawat, Uttarakhand Chief Minister recently said that his Government is planning to introduce stringent law against benami property to curb corruption.

This law will allow the Government to figure out all the benami properties in the state and will turn all these structures into schools and hospitals, CM said. The Chief Minister also made a point that the Parliament had already passed the Benami Transactions (Prohibition) Act to figure out illegal properties.

While speaking at an event CM Rawat also said that his Government will not spare any corrupt official or a person involved in wrongdoing and this will be applicable to everyone irrespective of his/her position. He also said that the Uttarakhand Government is committed to offer corruption-free governance and also informed that the State Government had saved crores of rupees by revising estimates of multiple projects.

The Uttarakhand state has received Rs. 16,000 crore investment proposals in 10 months of the investors summit, CM informed.

In September 2018, the Uttarakhand state approved the proposal to wave-off 50% stamp duty to purchase land for commercial purpose. This wavier got a thumbs up from the council of ministers while seeking various benefits of industries.

This rebate by the State Government is helpful to medium enterprises whose investment budget lies between Rs 10 crore to Rs 50 crore, including a 50% wave-off on the stamp duty. Usually, the investors get a rebate of 5% to purchase land for commercial purpose. Similarly, the cabinet also sanctioned a policy to offer land on lease for business purposes.