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UPRERA i.e. the Uttar Pradesh Real Estate Regulatory Authority recently opened its third bench in Greater Noida in order to deal with the number of complaints raised by the homebuyers.

The members of UPRERA said that a minimum of 25 complaints are registered on a daily basis and approximately 100-150 cases are up for hearing every day. We urgently required third bench as the volume of complaints is on the rise and this bench will help us to resolve pending cases in a speedy manner.

Balwinder Kumar, one of the UPRERA members said that a significant number of cases are heard by us since September.

Till now, the RERA authority has received 7,999 complaints and resolved 4,232 of them. More than 4,800 complaints from across the National Capital Region are yet to be heard. On 22nd April, the UPRERA rejected applications of 36 commercial and residential projects as they failed to match upto the set norms.

Kumar further said that a developer needs a set of documents to supplement with their application. At the time of checking, we found many of the documents missing and thus we have cancelled these applications. Although the construction of some of these projects has begun. Thus, we will give developers an opportunity to submit required information in order to receive RERA Certification.

Also, the RERA authority is in talks with more than 10 developers who violated rules and also directed all of them to come onboard.

In December 2018, The UPRERA [Uttar Pradesh Real Estate Regulatory Authority] officials of the Greater Noida bench recently reviewed the progress of 7,240 flats that are being developed by eight builders in the city.

The officials said that the review exercise was conducted to monitor the progress of these projects as they all are running late in comparison to their date of completion and possessions.