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The Airports Authority of India has endorsed the Jewar Airport Master Plan in Greater Noida. The approval from The Airports Authority of India has paved the way for constructing the Jewar Airport. Arun Vir Singh, CEO of Noida International Airport Limited, informed that the Jewar Airport Master Plan contains details and format of the whole space, including runways, terminals, business areas, parking, and office spaces. The Jewar Airport Master Plan contains the details related to the advancement of the airport project, including terminals, business space, hotels, offices, training focus, payload office, and parking, among different facilities.

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Technical Evaluation of Jewar Airport Master Plan

The Airports Authority of India has submitted the details to the nodal authority located in the country for technical evaluation of Jewar Airport. Zurich International AG Subsidiary is preparing to begin construction work for the first phase of Noida International Airport Jewar on an entire 1,334-hectare area. While five runways have been endorsed for the airport by the state government, it is the Largest Airport in India. 

The second phase will include the third runway, and a Maintenance Fix Overhauling focus on 1,365 hectares of land from seven villages. In a move that would increase the chances of the ideal finish of the much-promoted infrastructure project, the Uttar Pradesh cabinet, on Walk 16, 2021, endorsed Rs 2,890 crores for the second Noida International Airport Jewar. 

For the second phase, we will use the allotted land for the acquisition. The people who have to resettle their rehabilitation for this land will be useful. It acquired About 1,365 hectares of land for the construction of the second phase of Jewar Airport.

Before March 2021, a state support agreement was also signed between Zurich International, the Swiss manufacturer that has won the bid to construct the task, and the Yamuna Expressway Authority, to initiate phase-I. While presenting its Spending plan in February 2021, the state government had also dispensed Rs 2,000 crores for the uber project, a ‘need’ for the Uttar Pradesh government.

Jewar airport
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Some Important Highlights of Noida International Airport Jewar


The Swiss company has worked hard to design the passenger terminal at Jewar Airport. It is working to deal with 60 lakh passengers by 2022-23 when the venture’s first phase is prepared. 

Connecting Airports

Noida International Airport Jewar is situated on the rapid Yamuna Expressway, around 70 kilometers from Delhi. The government plans to associate the airport with a rapid rail line between Varanasi and Delhi. The absolute length of the great speed rail will be 816 km. The trains on this course will run at an average speed of around 300 km each hour.

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Government’s Attitude Towards Noida International Airport Jewar

The land acquisition process of Jewar airport has been started, and the Uttar Pradesh government has also invested separately for this project. The government expects the Jewar Airport Master Plan to be operational by 2024. Experts predict that after this construction in Noida’s housing market, new hope will arise; Noida has been in deficit for the last five years because of an ongoing slowdown locally after the earth-shattering function for the public capital area’s second airport, which would also be the Largest Airport in India by size, takes place, likely after the Lok Sabha elections.

Noida International Airport Jewar would create millions of jobs. Investors who want to make small investments can buy existing housing stock and can also sell cheaper in realtors according to their own. The only benefit from this will be that it will be easier to generate rent in the future, increasing the chances of getting more profits. Investing in a land chooses one in itself and returns only from the risk. Airport Master Plan to encourage the network in the entire of western Uttar Pradesh, which will, in turn, bolster the tourism and monetary capability of the area. 

Location Of Jewar Aairport

The Jewar Airport Map has been made keeping in mind the passengers’ facilities. This map will meet Delhi Airport and the related aircraft requirements of cities like Agra, Meerut in the coming days. It is estimated that the property prospects will improve significantly in the days to come from Jewar Airport. The high-speed network will support the country’s development at speed. With this, the Noida administration has allotted 92 acres of land, For the afforestation program. The Government of India is very hopeful of the Jewar airport. It will increase economic growth in the country and increase employment in the country.