Unusual Home Décor Ideas
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Making a home look stylish and party-ready is something not many people can manage. Therefore it is important to know some tricks that are handy especially when you have some guests arriving at a short notice.

Remember to keep things simple and not to over-do the place as the simple things look more aesthetic and classy. So, try the following options and make your home look trendy.

  1. Opt for Light Curtains –

Hang this light-heart in the centre of your living room and offer a cozy ambiance to the place. Also, you can hang up this heart-shaped light-curtain in a lobby or any other section and enhance the look of the room.

Opt for Light Curtains
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  1. Toilet Paper Art Work –

Make your photo-frames look beautiful by putting up some toilet paper artwork around it. This home décor idea offers a classic touch to the room.

Toilet Paper Art Work
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  1. Upside Down Candle Stand –

Lit up the candle in an unusual manner by turning the wine glasses upside down and spread the fragrance of love in the environment .

Upside Down Candle Stand
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  1. Textured Wallpaper –

Offer a new look to your living room by putting up textured wallpaper here. This adds a different ambiance to the whole area and make the home look beautiful.

Textured Wallpaper
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  1. Memory Wall –

Cherish your moments of joy by keeping them in front of your eyes round the clock. Dedicate a wall for beautiful pictures of your loved ones and tighten the bond of love with each other.

Memory Wall
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  1. Install Slim Book Shelf –

Get a slim wall shelf for your home and place various things such as trophies, souvenirs and other artifacts on it. This will add a classic touch to the place.

Install Slim Book Shelf
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  1. Go Green –

Design a green walkway inside your home by installing the artificial green carpet in the washroom or the lobby area. The digitally printed flowers on this artificial grass make the place look beautiful.

Go Green
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The above-mentioned unusual tips are helpful for enhancing the home décor. So, try these things next time when you think about renovating your living space.