Unique Bookshelves
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Book lovers often feel a space crunch when storing their most loved books in one place. Like all other décor items, they also want a particular area exclusively created for their books only, and here unique bookshelves plays a significant role.

A bookworm always maintains a library of books to easily find their books on time. In older times, people buy simple wooden, aluminum, or wrought iron bookshelf to keep their books, but these days one can find a more creative, designer, and unique bookshelves, which also adds beauty to your home decor.

So, for all book lovers, here are some creative wall bookshelves that fit in best to your home décor:

Tree Bookshelf:

Bring mother nature into the room with a fantastic tree bookcase. It can keep many books at a time and can be attached to the wall to stay steady. This shelf plays a crucial role in bringing in some more interest to your children’s room who love book reading. This is one of the unique wall mounted bookshelves with exciting design and texture.

Tree Bookshelf
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Invisible Bookshelf:

This is one of the unique wall bookshelves which holds up to 7 kg of books at one time. It screws directly into the wall and what you will find is an invisible unique bookshelf. The maximum stack height is 16-Inches. When you keep the books, you will feel that the books are floating in the air beside the wall.

Invisible Bookshelf
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Industrial Corner Pipe Bookshelf:

This crazy-cool bookshelf is made from old used water pipes. Each shelf design is unique. So, if you want to give and modern urban and historical look to your home décor, you can DIY such bookshelves.

Industrial Corner Pipe Bookshelf
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Map Bookshelf:

A creative and staggering way to keep your books is a state map bookshelf. It gives an accent to your walls and provides ample space to keep your books.

Map Bookshelf
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Equilibrium Bookshelf:

If you are looking for unique bookshelves for small rooms, this is a perfect choice. With its individual cantilevered modules stacked upon each other at a single cornered point, an equilibrium bookshelf immediately catches everyone’s attention by imagining a sense of amusement and astonishment. While its compartments seem to float in the air, it can easily hold many books and its various modules allow to keep books and magazines organized in a natural tilted position.

Equilibrium bookshelf
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Worm-shaped Bookshelf:

It is one of the creative bookshelves and comes in many shapes and designs. This worm-shaped curvy bookshelf is much durable and can hold up to 10 kg of books at one time.

Worm-shaped bookshelf
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Chair Bookshelf:

Now, this is something out of imagination. Striking and modern, this bookshelf design is loved by all book lovers as their favorite books are just a hand away. One can place this chair in their study room and read their books with complete comfort.

Chair Bookshelf
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Letterkast Bookshelf:

have you ever wondered what better describes reading and writing in the most basic way? Obviously a bunch of letters. A witty and stylish bookshelf easily keeps lots of books and adds some beauty to your home décor too.

Letterkast Bookshelf
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CTline Bookshelf:

A new and unique 3-dimensional bookshelf that not only adds beauty to your wall décor but can also keep their books in the proper place. If seen from a particular angle, this gives a look of a bookshelf, but it’s a complete art installation that enhances the look of your reading place. As these unique shelves are constructed diagonally, you can see the books from one side only.

CTline Bookshelf
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You can choose anyone from these creative and unique bookshelves and give an enhanced and exciting look to your reading zone in your home.