Environmental ClearancePrakash Javadekar, the Union Minister for Environment, Forests and Climate Change said that the real estate projects will soon receive clearance within 60 days.

While speaking at the 15th national convention of the National Real Estate Development Council (NAREDCO), minister said that the MoEFCC aims to bring down the project clearance period to 60 days and this will happen soon.

He also said that the environmental clearances were a stumbling block prior to 2014.

Minister Javadekar said that on an average it takes 640 days for project clearance. But, after the incoming of Modi-led NDA Government, the sanction process has become simplified and now it takes only 108 days to get environmental clearance for a project.

The minister emphasized that small procedural delays can be done away with, without compromising on environmental clearances.

At the event, minister said that both environmental protection and development are our priorities as these two things will help us to become a five-trillion-dollar economy. Hence, we are open to suggestions from the establishments like NAREDCO.

The Union minister also said that the MoEFCC is in a process to issue standard conditions for every project like water recycling and water harvesting depending upon the area covered by the project and such conditions will not increase by 10.

Minister was quoted saying that the ministry is introducing a regime change with minimal conditions and complete implementation. The law will be amended if required to create an environment for the ease of doing responsible business. This is so because freedom is never a one-way street.

The Union minister also said that the ministry is holding talks with the State Governments to make the environmental process easier and less time consuming.

Minister also said that the State Governments must act with a sense of responsibility as the Central Government has delegated environmental protection to them.