Commercial Property
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Investment on two assets in India is counted as the most lucrative and promising ones – the real estate and the gold. Both give hefty returns on the investment and thus, no matter how down the prices of either go down, they can change the game any moment. Where gold is facing a downturn in market for quite sometimes, real estate has become the real place for investment in order to earn long-term benefits.

When in comparison with the residential properties, commercial properties are the high rental yielders and thus, are in high demand. Office and retail spaces have been the most appropriate areas for the investment purpose as renting out such spaces is easier than renting out the residential space. Even if you are looking to own a commercial space for your own business, you can easily rent or buy one according to the requisites. However, certain criteria are to be met before you lease out or shift into the office space in order to give a good impression to your clients or tenants.

Here are few ways you can make your commercial property an attractive place to impress your tenants –

 Parking Facility  

Giving your tenants or clients a parking facility is a plus point for your property. Parking is the most important aspect of the commercial project as clients would never like to park their vehicles roadside, taking a risk. Whether open or basement, either of these will make your clients comfortable and happy. Also, parking has been made a mandatory facility for all real estate projects by the Municipal Corporation in order to avoid roadside or street congestion.

Internet Connectivity

In this era, people can move without a vehicle but not without an internet connection. Make sure your office has a high-speed broadband with enhanced speed, bandwidth, and consistency. Consider fibre-optic internet connectivity. It provides round the clock service and customer support. Your clients or tenants should not face any trouble while installing the internet connection.

Energy – Efficient Systems

Energy-efficient advancements are trending in US commercial projects. And so are being taken into consideration in Indian commercial real estate for saving some energy as well as the extra costs spent on the utilities. Installation of rooftop wind turbines, organic gardens, double paned windows, and HVAC system add the “green – effect” to the workspaces convincing the tenants for its energy-friendly beingness.

Basic Civic Amenities

ATM, healthcare, food court or food vendors, and relax-zone are some of the basic civil amenities that are required in daily life.  If such amenities are provided within the vicinity, the tenants may pay even more happily for such ease of access to the basic facilities.

Know Your Clients

 It is not always necessary that each and every client has same requisites. While one client may need access to the parking, the other client would prefer to have a workout facility in the vicinity. Where some would like fiber-optic, others may have their own choice of internet and may so ‘NO’ to the fibre-optic. Hence, it is always advisable to go into deep research and find out what type of clients may be interested in your project. Take the decision accordingly. Spend money on infra only after knowing your clients.