Trichy Corporation

After collecting 75% property tax in the first fiscal quarter of 2018-19 the Trichy Corporation now plans to carry out special measures and awareness drives for the collection of outstanding taxes and water charges. The Municipal Corporation of the city urged the residents to make use of online tax payment method and also said that the collection of these taxes is important as the corporation can only meet various expenditures via this money in order to elevate city’s infrastructure and amenities.

From Trichy Corporation is earning Rs 45 crore yearly from two financial quarters per year as nearly 2.16 lakh property owners are there in the city. The two-quarter periods of a financial year includes tenure from April to September and October to March. The Trichy Municipal Corporation has so far collected Rs.17 crore for the current financial quarter ending in September. This collection amount 75% of the actual revenue and the property tax is not yet included in this.

According to an official, the corporation plans to carry out a remainder drive to the residents for other water bill and other charges. Although the tax collection is comparatively higher than previous financial years. The property tax shares 35% of the revenue other than grants from the Governments. According to the officials, the corporation plans to create an awareness drive that will encourage the residents to pay outstanding dues which can be used for the purpose of infrastructural development in the city. Apart from the property tax, the Corporation also collected Rs. 6.90 crore against Rs 10 crore for the financial quarter ending in September.

The Trichy Municipal Corporation also launched a POS system in collaboration with Union bank to ease the process of property tax payment in the city. The collection drive in the city will be extended by three months in regard with the marks for property tax collection in Swachh Survekshan 2019