Theme-Based Housing
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With fast-changing trends in the Indian Real estate market, especially in the residential category, homebuyers these days have lots of option to choose in from. Talking about the luxury segment, from branded residence to exotic ones, luxury and ultra-luxury have no limits when it comes to investments. However, these days Theme-based Housing projects are gaining momentum in the residential property market. Even home buyers are also looking for such homes to purchase or invest in.

What is Theme-Based Housing Project?

Theme-based housing projects are the one whose architecture and construction is based on a particular theme. Based on varied themes, such housing projects are inspired by various genres. It may be based on lifestyles (sports, green, Disney) or architecture (Gothic, Victorian), Geography (Mediterranean, Romanian) or cultures (Egyptian, Arabic, Spanish, and Moroccan). All these themes are infused in a residential project that easily differentiates itself from other apartments or villas.

Reason behind Popularity

Gone are the days when a homebuyer just looks for amenities like clubhouse, swimming pool, play area, etc. Today, all these amenities have taken a back step. Moreover, today’s millennial wants something different, glamorous, and which has an international presence. Here the concept of Theme-based housing came into being.

Such housing project majorly focuses on luxury class homebuyers like HNIs, NRIs who have travelled globally and have exposure to such lifestyles. All such projects are High on novelty, sophistication, and style and that’s the main reason behind their growing popularity among up-class homebuyers and millennials. These residential developments are tailored in accordance with the niche home buyers.

And, here the developers are cashing on.  To cater to this segment, they are coming up with such homes that fulfill the needs and demands of such buyers. That’s the main reason behind the increasing popularity of such homes.

Cities to Invest

Such types of housing projects are mainly developed in top metro cities where there is more traction of HNIs, NRIs, and businessman with high-income. In recent years, many developers have constructed and launched theme-based projects in cities such as Delhi NCR, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Pune, etc.

Popular Themes to Look for

Disney Theme

Such projects are inspired by Disney theme park. The project comprises of exclusive parks with colorful play area and favorite Disney characters. The society and residential units are given a fairy tale look to make it more inviting for kids.

Some of the examples of Disney-theme homes are Prestige Lakeside Habitat in Bangalore, Supertech Fable castle in Noida.

Roman Theme

Rome is best known for its historical and distinguished architecture buildings and that’s why it is quite popular among luxury-class homebuyers. To cater to this demand, developers infuse the beauty of classic and modern Rome to their projects. Such projects comprise of large amphitheaters, lush green and serene landscape, classic pillared apartment buildings, etc.

Supertech Romano is the perfect example of Roman-theme homes.

Mediterranean Theme

Such projects boast geographical features of Mediterranean regions. The housing projects include stylish architecture, tranquil surroundings, arches, porticos, cut-stone facades and railings, pebbled pathways, ornamental fountains, landscaped gardens, etc.

DLF Ridgewood Estate at Sector 27 Gurgaon, Tata La Montana, Pune and Sobha City in Bangalore are the perfect example of such theme-based homes.

Spanish Theme

Just like Rome, Spain is also known for its marvelous building architecture and planned townscapes. A Spanish themed housing project illustrates typical Spanish courtyards, patios, arcades, traditional gardens with aesthetic motifs, etc.

Some of the popular Spanish-themed residential projects are Villa Viviana, Chennai by Arihant Housing and J P Morgan, Ambrosia by Ajnara Group in Noida.

These are just a few. You can also find golf-themed homes, Egyptian themed homes, Singaporean themes homes, etc. across various cities in India which are trending as good living option in the Indian Real Estate market to provide a global lifestyle to home buyers.