town and country planning gurgaon

You might be surprised to know that the government of Haryana has started a town and country planning system in Gurgaon to provide best-class facilities for the people in Gurgaon. There is no denying that the Town and country planning Gurgaon is one of the major steps by the Haryana government so far. The town and country planning department of Haryana has provided the license to the private organization to work with the government to develop residential and commercial complexes in Gurgaon.

Introducing private investment for residential and commercial complexes is a smart choice made by the Haryana administration. Suppose you are a resident of Gurgaon or planning to reside in Gurgaon. In that case, you must be aware of the DTCP system that offers plenty of services for the well-being of its people. So, without further ado, let’s see how the town and country planning Gurgaon functions!

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Classifying the Towns into Zones

The first thing that town and country planning Gurgaon offers is being the classifications of the towns into different zones. As per the classifications, the DTCP has segregated the towns into four different zones depending upon amenities provided in the areas or zones. The four zones are as follows;

  • Hyper Zone
  • High Potential Zone
  • Medium Potential Zone
  • Low Potential Zone

Classifying the Zones Depending Upon Area

The DTCP has classified the zones depending upon amenities, but they also segregated the zones based on the area parameters. The DTCP has segregated the zones into 3 parts as per the area parameters as well. As per the Town and Country Planning Gurgaon, the 3 different area specified zones are Hyper, Medium, and Low potential zone.

Certain Parameters for Getting License

The developer needs to take care of a few certain parameters to get the nod for developing 4 different colonies that are segregated by areas. Below are those parameters of Town and Country Planning Gurgaon; you can check them for better understanding.

Development of Residential Plots

As per the Town and Country Planning Gurgaon, if the developer wants to develop plots for residential purposes, the developer must take care of a few parameters.

The developer can only develop 55% of the total colony area for residential purposes. The rest area will be utilized for roads and community buildings like schools, colleges, hospitals, etc.  

The developer needs to develop community buildings depending upon the number of users. Suppose the number of users is a large group. In that case, the developer needs to develop large community buildings to face no problem while using them.

20% of the total residential flats must be reserved for EWS.

25% of the total residential flats have to be allotted without realizing any monetary profit.

The total population in each residential plot must not exceed the provided densities as per the Town and Country Planning Gurgaon. So, the developer must consider the total number of living spaces in each plot before making them.

Development of Residential Group Housing

In residential group housing projects, the developer must take care of the below-mentioned criterion as stated by the government administration.

The group housing project must not exceed 20% of the total sector area.

The shopping complexes can be made by using 0.5% of the total site area for the convenience of the residents.

15% of the total flats in gurgaon must be allotted for EWS.

An adequate basement in each plot has to be made for parking purposes of the vehicles.

The developer must provide the green spaces in each group housing project.

Every community facility must be provided as per the government’s guidelines.

The developer must take care of the density guidelines so that the residential group housing project can not get congested.

Development of Commercial Plots

In the case of developing commercial plots of gurgaon, the developer has given a few strict guidelines as well. According to Town and Country Planning Gurgaon, below are those guidelines you must check out.

The location of the commercial sites must be alongside the main road and must have a provision of a service road for maintaining traffic.

The basement area can be used only for parking vehicles. Keeping storage in the basement area is strictly prohibited.

Development of Cyber City/ Parks

In the case of developing cyber city/cyber parks, the developer has given the following guidelines from the licensing authorities of Town and Country Planning Gurgaon.

The cyber city/cyber park has to be made alongside the main road.

A cyber city/cyber park structure area must not exceed 5% of the total sector area.

The cyber city has to get a parking area in the basement for parking the vehicles. The area of each vehicle must not exceed 40 square meters.

Additional storage in the basement area will not be permitted in any circumstances.

10% of the total cyber city area can be used as group housing, and 4% of the total cyber city area can be used for commercial purposes.

Other activities in the specified IT area are strictly prohibited in the cyber city as guided by the licensing administration.


Well, we hope that you are now aware of how the town and country planning Gurgaon functions. Indeed, a lot of guidelines have been set for the betterment of the residents. And these strict guidelines of town and country planning Haryana made the whole plan a great success!