Good Luck Plant Home and Offices
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The plants are well known for balancing nature. Thus, we plant various outdoor shrubs around as it keeps the climate nice and green. But, have you ever noticed why many people keep indoor plants too? Well, the planting of indoor weed not only purifies the air but they also bring in a lot of good luck.

In fact, every flora has its own characteristics and that is why you must opt for some indoor plants that depict goodness and prosperity. Definitely, many shrubs have amazing qualities such as keeping the atmosphere calm, maintaining the flow of fresh air, etc. But, all this won’t allow you pick and place any plant inside the home or office.

So, we have brought the list of good luck plants that will make you successful professionally as well as personally. Interestingly, these plants will also enhance the look of your place while restricting the entry of negative vibes.

  1. Jade Plant – 

Also known as Crassula Ovate this plant is famous to bring in the good health and wealth with itself. The coin-shaped leaves of this plant usher good fortune as this shrub frequently grows as a bonsai tree. The dark-green colored leaves offer a pleasant visual to your eyes apart from its good luck feature.

Jade Plant
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We suggest you place the Jade Plant into a medium-sized flowerpot and place it in the Southwest corner the room. This direction is best to attract positive energies inside a home or an office.

  1. Bamboo – 

The bamboo plant is believed to distress you by keeping your confidence high. Also, the artists must have this indoor plant at home or workplace as it helps you think artistically and creatively. This plant comes in two colors mainly either it is in a light-green color else it is sea-green color.

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The best way to place this plant is to keep the bamboo into a translucent pot. Also, you can add white or multi-colored pebbles into the pot to enhance the plant’s look. Make sure to add water to the bamboos on alternate days. The excess of water can make the plant soggy.

Also, place the bamboo plant in the East or Southeast direction. The placing of this plant in the east direction allows good health for you and the southeast direction open getaway for money. So, choose the direction as per your choice.

  1. Areca Palm – 

This leafy plant has amazing potential to purify the air. The addition of this plant inside home or office maintains the continuous flow of fresh air in the atmosphere. In fact, the NASA has reported that placing of Areca Palm as an indoor plant diminishes the use of an electric humidifier and keeps you healthy natural.

Areca Palm
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The best place for Areca Palm is the entrance door or a lobby. As it minimizes the inclusion of toxic air particles inside the premises and ensures the addition of positivity in the life.

  1. Moth Orchids – 

This flora is best suitable for indoor planting. The plant has a thick green-colored stem with a mix of blooming flowers and buds. The vibrant colors of Moth Orchids are both energetic and inspirational. Thus, these flowers have replaced the flowers that are used in traditional garlands during a wedding and other auspicious occasions.

Moth Orchids
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The Moth Orchids are long-lived and thus they can stay fresh for two weeks and more according to the room temperature. Remember to add adequate water to keep the soil moist.

Moth Orchids must be kept in a shadowed place where the sunlight falls indirectly on this plant. The direct sunlight results in burning of the flowers thus place the Moth Orchids either in the North or in the East direction of your home.

  1. Chinese Money Plant – 

This plant has round-shaped leaves and is said to be a Goodluck plant for those seeking financial upliftment. The plant is positive in every manner as it attracts health, wealth, new venture and possibilities in life. All this pave way for a successful and bright future ahead. Thus you must keep this plant indoor as it has the ability to bring in huge good luck and fortune for you and your family.

Chinese Money Plant
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So, what are you waiting for? Bring home these plants and give a refreshing start to your life at the earliest.