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Celebrity Properties In India: Whether you’re someone who is on the lookout for some interior design inspiration or just looking to envision your ultimate dream abode, well, there could be no better place to get some great ideas than from the beautiful celebrity properties in India

Real estate is one of the most preferred investment avenues for the elite class. Especially when it comes to celebrities, they make sure that their residence matches their lifestyle and blends with their status symbol. The reason why owning an expensive luxury crib in a metropolis is a must-have for them. 

We’ve compiled a list of celebrity properties that have managed to take over the game level up another notch. From Juhu and Bandra’s posh lanes to Pataudi Palace, these celebs and business honchos own some of the most elegant pads in India.

Here’s all you need to know about India’s Top 10 Celebrity Properties in India 

Mannat: Shahrukh Khan’s House in Mumbai 

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 Mannat, which means wish, is indeed a thoughtful name. Shahrukh Khan has attained the position of Baadshah in the Bollywood industry by his hard-work, which implies that his abode would not be lesser than heaven. 

source: Bollywood Broadcast

 His sea-facing mansion has a perfect blend of high-end luxury and elegance. Designed by his wife, Gauri Khan, the mansion features multiple living rooms to the library, a gymnasium, and a fleet of high-end cars. It has everything that is required to live a life king size. His mansion has been declared a heritage site and exempted from being demolished. 

Jalsa – Amitabh Bachchan’s Heavenly Abode

Celebrity Properties In India
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This house in Juhu has been anything but an iconic landmark. The senior Bachchan owns multiple properties in Mumbai, but Jalsa, where he resides with his family, has gained cult status because of Bachchan’s fans. It is one of India’s perfect properties with an amalgamation of modern and contemporary touch with leaf style texture, myriad of beautiful frames on the wall reflecting their lives and their legacy. 

Pataudi Palace – Saif Ali Khan’s Ancestral Property

expensive celebrity properties
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Spread across 10 acres in Haryana’s Pataudi town, with about 150 rooms to boot, the Pataudi Palace is one of India’s most covetable addresses. The palace has enormous chandeliers, several priceless antiques reflecting the refined design aesthetic. However, this is not where Saif and his family live; instead, it serves as Saif Ali Khan’s holiday home. The palace is one of India’s most iconic celebrity properties as it was designed in the style of colonial-era mansions.

At Juhu Sea Shore: Akshay Kumar’s House

expensive celebrity properties
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The action hero of the Indian film industry, Akshay savors the smell of his success in a plush sea-facing villa at Juhu in Mumbai. The mansion he calls home is designed by his wife, Twinkle Khanna. To give it a contemporary yet classy look, she has decorated the house with some wooden art objects that can be seen at various corners. Not only this, but she is also being praised for embodying Vastu Shastra while designing this house. Akshay Kumar’s house is one such celebrity properties in India, which is stylish yet traditional. 

Antilia– Mukesh Ambani’s Expensive Crib

Celebrity Properties In India
source: images.herzindagi.info

Located at Mumbai’s poshest street, Antilia deserves a lofty mention. Inspired by the mythical Atlantic island of Antillia, Mukesh Ambani’s most prized possession has a 4,00,000 sq. ft. area with 27 floors and three helipads. It is also famous as one of the world’s most expensive celebrity properties.

Five Floor Mansion – Sachin Tendulkar’s House

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This man needs no introduction. Our well-known Master blaster has a fantastic house that would surely leave anyone spellbound. Spanning over an area of 10,000 sq. ft. his house consists of a storage space for cars, an upper basement consists of a kitchen, servant quarters, and master surveillance room; a huge living area, bedrooms, and a terrace which is embellished with gym area and swimming pool. 

His house is one of the best celebrity properties in India and is known for its unique design triumph.

Kinara – Shilpa Shetty & Raj Kundra’s House

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We’ve all loved Shilpa Shetty as a phenomenal actress, a yoga guru, and during the lockdown, even as a Tik Tok star. Shilpa Shetty is a lady of many talents. Her opulent home in Mumbai has self-designed by Shilpa; has bold accents that pepper her home. Every corner of the house features things that she picked from all over the world to give her above an aesthetic charm of contemporary life. And it also Feng Shui and Vastu compliant.

Kangana Heights – Kangana Ranaut’s Villa

Celebrity Properties In India
source: cdn.pinkvilla.com

The ultimate queen of Bollywood, Kangan Ranaut, finds herself a new cozy space nestled in the Himalayas, which allegedly cost a whopping Rs. 30 crores. To dazzle up her mansion in the lap of nature, Kangana turns over the keys to designer Shabnam Gupta. The villa has hand-painted wooden paneling with an old timber ceiling and wooden flooring. In perfect harmony with its surroundings, this abode is ideal for taking a break from the hectic big-screen.

Villa in the Sky – John Abraham’s Penthouse

Celebrity Properties In India
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Although he’s the proud owner of multiple properties in Mumbai, it’s his spectacular sea-facing penthouse that makes it to the list. His brother and father designed his two-level penthouse that truly defines simplicity mixed with elegance. The estimated worth of his apartment is Rs. 60 crores.

DLF, Gurugram – Virat Kohli’s Mansion

expensive celebrity properties
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When it comes to fame and mammoth net worth, cricket celebs are no less than Bollywood celebs. Another cricketer who has made it to his extravagant mansion list is Virat Kohli. Apart from his swanky new home in Worli, Mumbai, the cricketer owns a lavish bungalow in Gurugram, Haryana. The property has an estimated value of Rs. 80 crore, spread across 500 sq. yards and features a quaint bar, gym, spacious living room with the best interior décor items.

These are some of the most opulent celebrity properties in India with impressive real estate investments. It seems like reinvesting is that little secret to prosperity. So, why not follow in their footsteps and use your money wisely by diversifying the investment bag? Discover the best real estate properties in India with great returns and invest in real estate today!