Property with Vastu Dosh
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The decision of property purchase is a big thing, especially for the first time home buyers but the vastu-friendliness of a residential unit remains the same concern even for people who look to buy a second home. In short, almost every aspiring home buyer considers the Vastu factor while taking a final decision about home buying. So, here are the things to consider in case the property you choose to buy fails on the vastu compliance factor.

What is Vastu Shastra?

Vastu Shastra is a scientific way of designing living structures which has been the guiding spirit for the construction of residential units from ages. Here in India, people deeply believe in this architectural science as it incorporates elements such as structures, geometric patterns, the direction of sun and wind. This is a concept although it is not necessary that a property will fit into all aspects of the Vastu Shastra. But, the failure of a property to fit into this ancient science of home designing is a hint that this is not a favourable place for living. Hence, there are ways to fix the faults commonly known as Vastu Dosh.

Vastu Dosh: Why It Should Not Be a Parameter for Property Buying

Like said earlier, the failure of vastu compliance is a common thing that every home buyer has to deal with. Thus, you must not miss the chance to own a property which you find suitable in every manner such as its budget-friendliness, close proximity to various educational, healthcare, shopping and entertainment centers, banks, ATMs and workplaces. This is because the solutions offered under the Vastu-dosh can fix up the things such as the wrong direction of a bedroom, balcony and entrance. Hence, a vastu defect should not be a primary reason to reject a property which meets your necessities.

Beware of Vastu – Dosh and Lucrative Offers Together

The sellers always look for a prospect and thus introduce various offers such as discount season, festive offer and more. But, also there are many cunning realtors who know what exactly is lacking there in the property and hence offer a deal that is too cheap in comparison to the market price. So, beware of these tricks and make a wise decision when it comes to property buying as this is one thing which nobody is going to buy every year.

Top Vastu-Dosh to Consider:

You have various ways to fix vastu-dosh but the rigidness of some features in a property can make you settle for the living castle as it is designed. Hence, there are things you must look for when buying a home.

  • Firstly, the property should be face towards the South-West direction.
  • Secondly, there should not be a sharp cut on North-East and South-West direction of the home.
  • Thirdly, the property should be structured in a square-shape.
  • Fourthly, the cooking junction should not be designed in the North-East direction.
  • Finally, the washrooms of a home must not be facing the North-East direction.

How Vastu Shastra is a Blessing

This science of architectural design helps you build a home where only the positive energies can flow across and it also restricts the entry of negative vibes inside your place of living.

On a whole, Vastu Shastra and Vastu Dosh are the ways to create perfect and positive living conditions and thus you must not completely make a property buying decision on these two basis as it not easy to find a property according to the budget and necessities.