Home with Books
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We all know that Books are our best friend. They never let us feel bored. So, in order to put them on one place, people put them in bookshelves. These days varieties of bookshelves are available in the market. But what if they also become space-less? Confused! Never mind, as now you can also use the leftover books in styling your home. With these simple tips, you can decorate different corners of your home with books and make it more beautiful and clutter-Free.

Scroll down to know various ways to style up your home with books:

Books on Coffee Table

This is the best way to arrange your books in a clutter-free manner. Keep them one above the other in a uniform manner. At the top, you can keep a flower vase or you can style them up with designer accessories etc.

Coffee Table Book
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Books on Bedside Table

Reading books while lying on the bed is the option adopted by almost every book lover. So, why not arrange them beautifully on your bedside table. You can place flower vase, table lamp, and other designer accessories alongside the books to give them a more appealing look.

Books Beside Table
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Style Books on Entryway

Have you ever thought to style up books just at the entryway of your home? Surprised, yes you can now greet your book lover friends and family members by placing them at the entryway. Again, accessorize them with picture frames, beautiful small planters, paperweights etc.

Entry table books
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Placing Book in Colourful manner

What if you place books as per your home décor? Yes, you can also place books as per the colors of any abstract art like the one given below. Black and white on one side and those with colourful covers on another side of the table. It creates an altogether different aura in your home décor.

Books Colorful manner
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Books in Bathroom

Till now, we have told you to style different corner of your home with books, but what about bathroom? Yes, even bathrooms can be used to place your books at least that is what a hardcore book lover can do. Books in bathroom not only give an innovative décor but also act as the best peaceful treat for anyone.

Bookshelf Bathroom
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