Under Construction House
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Construction of a home is not an easy thing to accomplish today as the increase in the cost of land parcels, high labour charges and expensive construction quality make a person think twice before starting the construction of his/her abode. Many people feel that the easiest way of bringing down the construction cost of a home is holding some renovations for the next set of construction but this is not a good option. So, this blog post offers tips to reduce the construction cost of your property or home.


Opting for a minimalistic approach is a better idea than squeezing the size of your dream home. But, before that know the five elements responsible for the construction of a home and they include land cost, design cost, the cost of liaisoning, material procurement costs, and the labour charges. Every property owner must understand that constructing a home that meets the requirements is important as this practice will save you from unnecessary financial burden.

Factors that reduce Construction Cost

Choosing a strategic location is of huge importance as the area should have growth opportunities such as infrastructural development that includes highway, expressway, metro connectivity and more. Apart from this, the presence of quality educational institutions and eminent shopping arcades should also be nearby as all these are essential for a standard lifestyle. Another important aspect to reduce the construction cost is the Floor Area Ration [FAR]. Remember, the greater FAR ask for less construction cost.

Design Compact Homes as such a layout ensures better ventilation and a stylish look. The construction material is used less in comparison to a home designed with a high number of walls. The plot owners must design interiors of a home with wooden material as it brings down the construction cost by 50 percent. So, prefer using wooden logs of a jackfruit tree. The availability of designer partitions is the best option to make a home look spacious instead of constructing walls in between the large spaces.

Use modern construction technology to slash construction cost of a home. The simple way to reduce the construction cost of a home is to use prefabricated construction, Green Housing and Building Information Modelling (BIM). Remember, using available construction material is cheaper in comparison to the ordered material. For example, installing vinyl flooring instead of regular marble flooring is the best idea as it reduces the construction cost.

Switch to modern Construction Material like replacing regular OPC with PPC cement to carry out the non-structural works such as plastering and tiling. This is a better option as the PPC cement does not let the cracks occur in the building structure. A plot owner is suggested to use AAXC blocks to construct a building of more than three floors as it keeps the structure cool naturally.