Rain Proof Your HomeThe first petrichor of the Monsoon season brings a sense of relief from the scorching heat but the rainy days ahead is a sign of caution for the owner(s) of residential property. The regular downpour raises the alarm about protection against water damage and thus this blog post suggests the best home protection tips for the monsoon season.

1. Protect the Walls                        

Walls are the most important element of a building structure and thus you must act to minimize water damage to the same during the monsoon season. The continuous absorption of water in the walls generates moisture in the bricks and this is the root cause of mould and odor. So, you are suggested to remove the mould from walls and clean the walls with a mixture of bleach and water. This liquid mix removes bacteria and also reduces the odor produced due to moisture in the bricks.

2. Door Protection

Every residential property owner has to deal with monsoon season issues particularly the ones that arise with doors irrespective of their material. So, the use of sandpaper to scrub wooden doors is the best home protection tip from water damage during the monsoon season. Similarly, the doors made from iron are at a major risk of water damage and thus you must paint them once a year. This practice shields the iron from getting rusted frequently.

3. Protect Windows

Windows are affected badly during the monsoon season and thus you must protect them from water damage. Inspite of having traditional window frames, you are advised to install UPVC frame that is also known as the Unplasticised Polyvinyl Chloride. This material is moisture-resistant thus restrict seepage of water during the monsoon season and is the best home protection tips to keep windows in a good state.

4. Rectify leakage Problem

The owner of residential property face leakage problem during the monsoon and cracks in the wall is the main reason behind this issue. Hence, you are advised to paint the home once in three years as it ensures correction in leakage that protects a residential property from water damage during monsoon.

5. Lock Good Keeping

The rainwater that goes inside the locks during monsoon does not let them work properly. In this situation, the owner of a residential property must make use of rust remover available in the market. You are advised not to use any other lubricant such as oil to clean the lock.

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